Soulflower G for Guava Soap Review

Jul 2, 2013

Two reasons made me buy this soap – I have never tried/seen bath product with Guava and Soulflower was having discounts. Not a huge fan of Guava, but I was wondering how a Guava Soap would be like? So, I purchased from Soulflower – G For Guava

Soulflower G for Guava Soap Review

Ingredients - Tea tree essential oil, fresh guava fruit, crushed guava leaves, green tea powder, aloevera juice, Vitamin E, glycerin, aqua, cocoa butter, saponified oils of olive, coconut, castor, palm & palm kernel.

My Experience

G for Guava is an exfoliating soap with tiny rough beads like the crushed seeds of Guava. Like every other soap, I cut out a portion of the soap and kept the rest in a cool dry place. As you start using the soap, you get to know the density of the beads is far inside compared to the surface. So, I could never try to use it directly on my face to check if it removes any reduce pimples, blemishes. Not that I actually believe that a soap can actually do that.

The lather is creamy. It does not dry skin nor is it very moisturizing. Its does not give any stretchy feel like normal soaps.

It does not melt too quickly for a natural soap. It has loads of color which stains the other soaps surrounding it. It smells less of Guava and more of mint. As a whole the smell is very very light - almost not there!

Sweet Points
  • Mild Exfoliating
  • Great for Dry or Normal Skin.
  • Have no smell
  • Available only at online stores and Shoppers Stop

Price - 250 INR for 150 gms. Yes, the soaps are huge. You have to cut and use them. I paid 149 INR for these here.

Overall - Its a mild exfoliating soap with is good for dry skin but then it does not transfer any smell to skin. Why get a bath product with no smell?? Also, you do not have to depend on a soap to remove pimples or blemishes. You can use fresh aloe vera or these products. You can confidently skip this. 

Repurchase? No way.

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