Sleek Makeup Candy Collection Limited Edition i Candy, Sweet Cheeks and Lol-Lip-Pop Swatch and Review

Jul 25, 2013


To my biggest luck I never faced lost parcels. I was afraid that it will happen when I move to Kolkata but *touches wood* it never happened that way. By now you might have guessed what I am going to say – I lost my Sleek parcel.

It started when I placed my order on 6th June. On 7th I got a mail that it has been shipped. As they send by royal mail, I was sure that by 20th June I will have it with me. But when the month ended and there was no sign of the package, I was very anxious. Finally, I raised a ticket on 1st July but got no reply for that. I have heard many times that Sleek do not have a great customer care. Then, I decided to raise a new order but sadly the pout paint was out of stock by then. Ohhhh dear …Why why why?

I messaged them on their Facebook page on 4th July and I got a reply soon. I got a mail asking for my address and I provided them the one I used. Then, they mailed me how my address was in their system. To my horror, the post office name was not there. While storing the second line of address, the extra characters were truncated!! I suggested them the change and they shipped me a replacement by 10th June. In a week I had the items with me.

Lesson Learnt – When ordering from Sleek, never give more than 30 characters in any line because their internal system truncates the lines with more than 30 characters. Etch this on your brain you ladies. Etch this!

Now, I am the proud owner of all the i-Candy i-Divine eye palette, Sweet Cheeks Blush by 3 and Lol-Lip-Pop Pout Paint.


Sleek Makeup i-Candy i-Divine Eye Palette

i-Candy i-Divine is my 4th i-Divine eye palette. This has mixtures of brights in matte, shimmer and pearl finishes. This does not have the waffle texture like I, Me and Myself. They are soft and none of the color lacks pigmentation (unlike Au Natural where half of the colors were hardly visible!!)

Even the mattes are very pigmented. I wish Liqourice was darker but then I have Noir and Black Box in other palettes which are rich blacks. Parma Violet and Aniseed are the best of the lot. I wish there was a green other than Pear Drop.


Sleek Makeup Sweet Cheeks Blush By 3 

This is my first Blush By 3. I wanted Lace and Pumpkin for a long time but I am still going strong on buying less makeup . But, I could not skip because of this cute blush palette as this is limited edition. The other two items were included in the cart to make sure that this one does not feel alone while travelling from UK to India *wink*

All the colors are soft, easy to blend and insanely pigmented so, I had to use very light had to use these. They are going to last for a very long time.

The color selection is great for summer with one cream, one matte powder and one shimmer powder formulas.

Cupcake (cream) – Bright berry pink. Don’t be scared that this is cream formula because it does not feel heavy on skin, blends like dream to keep a healthy glow.

Dollymix (matte powder) – Mauvish pink. My least favorite of the trio because it looks a bit chalky on me at times. Plus, I do believe this won’t look good on darker skin tones.

Candyfloss (shimmer powder) – Bright pink coral with hardly visible shimmer. The most fun color of the palette


Sleek Makeup Lol-Lip-Pop Pout Paint

Now come the black sheep of the whole package. Pout paints were the cheaper version of OOC tars but none was suitable for Indian skin tones. So I waited and waited until I discovered Lol-Lip-Pop

Suitable for Indian Skin tone – Check
Limited Edition – Check

But, the one I received was faulty. You can see the color is separated. When I squeezed it, loads of transparent gooey liquid came out. I was disgusted by the sight. After a lot of the gooey thing came out, I could finally see color and the color was not homogeneous. You can see the pigments are separated and the around the edges you can still see the transparent liquid. Eekksss. I have updated Sleek about this and they agreed that this is faulty. I will update what happens with one.



I-Candy i-Divine - $6.66
Blush by 3 in Sweet Cheeks - $8.33
Lol - Lip - Pop Pout Paint - $4.16
Subtotal - $19.15
Shipping & handling - $4.51
Grand total - $23.66  (Total - 1350 INR)

So, for 1350 INR this is a great deal. 

I love the blushes the most. The eye palette is refreshing. But, Oh So Special still get the first place in my life for being so multi-functional. Let's see how the pout paint issue is resolved.

These were limited editions so, get the blush before they go out of stock.

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