Nyassa Alphonso Handmade Soap Review

Jul 14, 2013

I pity anyone who haven't tasted a ripe mango! It is one fruit which I can eat any time of the year. And if it is summer then ...... ohhh heaven. 

As almost every Indian loves mangoes, we grow up eating them in every form - raw, pickled, ripe, juice, shakes, dried, leather, candy, etc. But, I found it 3 years back that it is used in skincare product. I found the idea disgusting. Who want to smell like Maaza? Over the years, my mind changed and I wanted to try a mango flavored bath product. My wish was fulfilled when I found Nyassa Alphonso Handmade Soap.

The Nyassa Alphonso Handmade Soap is the 100% veg soap. It has the following main ingredients (taken from website)

Mango Butter - Acts as a natural moisturizer and rejuvenation. Makes your skin smooth and prevents roughness. Promotes healthy and rejuvenated skin. 

Mango Leaf extract - Mango leaf extract has great wound healing properties and is a proven and effective remedy for itching. 

Raw cane sugar - Contains glycolic acid that helps condition and moisturize the skin. It also guards against harmful toxins

Texture - I used a cut out of the soap. It is very creamy and moisturizing. You can go on without a body moisturizer unless you have extremely dry skin. It will suit sensitive skin. It is smoothing because of the texture and also for the smell. I do have an issue here. I see a layer of water (like it sweats) even if I have kept it in the case after it is 100% dry. I do not know why this happened every time.

Smell - It smells like a mango candy. It feels a bit artificial at times. My whole bathroom smells like mango if I forget to put it back in the case. The smell is strong and luckily transfers to skin. The smell remains for half an hour to an hour max.

Price - 250 INR for 150 grms. Ouch? Ohh yes..Surely too much compared to the other handmade soaps.


  • Great for dry sensitive skin
  • Creamy
  • Gentle cleansing
  • Nice mango candy smell
  • Smell transfer to skin


  • Price
  • Availability - only available online
  • Forms a dewy layer of water even when left dry
  • Smell remain for an hour max

Overall - If you have dry sensitive skin and require special soaps then please check out Nyassa. If Mango is your thing but definitely try this one out. This is creamy, does not lather much. Quality wise - other than the dewy layer - I love this soap.

The price and availability are big issues. You cannot go to a store to check how it smells before buying it. The price tag of 250 INR is far less than the Lush price tags but still too much for most people.

PS - BTW, sorry that I didn't posted the ingredients list. I thought I have clicked it but later found pics missing. By then the paper with the complete ingredients list was already torn to take a proper photo for blog. I have another soap from Nyassa in line for review. You can check the ingredients there. I do have a problem in the ingredients lists which I will list in the next review. A thousand apologies for missing it here.

* Sample from PR. Honest review from Shayoni

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