My Wishlist - Makeup Brushes from Too Faced, MAC, Sigma, Etc

Jul 21, 2013

One thing that I have learnt is that makeup brushes last forever. It is best to invest on some good ones because brushes play a huge role in the makeup finish. I have taken a long time to understand this post to be true. Recently, I thought of revamping my brush collection and then everything I saw was getting into my to-buy-list which was a bad bad thing!

The Body Shop Leona Lewis Hot Pink Flower Kabuki - The day I saw the new range from TBS with Leona, I decided that I am going to get this. I skipped the Etude House Etoinette Rose Brush because I want this. The only thing is it is limited edition and yet to come to India! Come here please...soon....

MAC RiRi Collection 187S -  I always had MAC 187 in my wishlist. I just need this. But, when I saw that RiRi collection will have 187S, I did some changes in my wishlist. Limited edition + travel size + special rose gold packaging = I will prefer to die before I say no. 

Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush -  I wanted a retractable brush from the day I started building my vanity. Nothing was touching my heart the way this one did. The price tag of 32 $ is what stops me every time I add this to cart. Also, Too Faced does not ship to India. Should I get this from EBay? I have seen many dupes but after having an affair with this brush made of teddy bear hair, I do not want to buy anything else. 

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set - When I got to know about these, I just wanted all of them. But, that will be waste of resource and space. So, after loads of thoughts, I have decided to stick only to the Eye Set.

Sigma Precision Eye Kit 5 Brushes - I am just confused if I should get the set of 5 or set of 4 or just few of the brushes. Not sure if I want to spend $65.00 in one go. I am just sure that I am getting them soon. Enough of staring at them once every week. This is the contender of the RT brushes. I might kick the RT brushes out of the list if I get these.

Tokidoki for Sephora Pittura Brush Set of 3 Mozzarella-Adios Amigos-Donutella - I want them because they are cute. So, practically this should not be in the list. Also, I might not find them cute after few months. But this is a wishlist and you are allowed to have at least one stupid thing in your wishlist. No?

So, this is the final list...for this year......until I see some miracle cult product hit the market....

Do let me know your must have brushes. I have intention of extending my list....


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