Meanwhile At Instagram Vol 1

Jul 27, 2013

1. Tex Mex Salsalito Tortilla Chips in Cheese is my favourite. Period.

2. Went to office on Friday to know that Manager was not coming. My joy knows no bounds!!! Unexpected happiness is the best kind. I even went to Pantaloons during office hours. LOL. There is a reason I do not tell my office folks that I have a blog.

3. Tried mint mani for Talia but I felt bad before posting so, skipped it. Clicked it 3 days after painting them. This is similar to my vintage roses nail art done here. Tutorial present in the post.

4. Everybody in office cannot get enough of Candy Crush. I am trying hard to understand why people are this addictive. Everyone is at levels like – 132, 96, 170, 202!! I clicked it at level 29 and now I am at 30. So, you get that I am not much interested. I am more of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope type of girl. Do suggest me some games...

5. Washed my brush. I use a dish washing liquid – faster, better, easier! Read here.

6. Was clicking for something. Ended up clicking some selfies. Me and My Evil sister.....

7. Trying on the colors for my mint mani – see point 3. Some chocolate never hurts.

8. My setup for the Sleek Candy Collection. Review and Swatches here.

9. HIMYM is now showing on TV. Tried the Chunky Oreo Frappe from CCD. Surely not blown away by it.

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