Four Seasons Wine Trail At The Conclave Kolkata 2013

Jul 27, 2013

Two weeks back we were invited to a wine tasting trail. When the invite first came, it was on a Friday. So, I didn’t even reply to the mail as I was keeping real busy those days and there I was no way I could skip office. Just a day or two ahead of the event, Swanali called to inform that it has been shifted to Saturday. As all the other bloggers were invited, I could not miss the great chance of interacting with everyone I know. So, I went there as her ‘plus one’.

The event started with a presentation by Mr. Peter Mitter, Regional Manager, Trade Marketing, United Breweries Group, who walked us though the various types of wines and how to taste it. This is kind of a continuation to the event that was held last year.

Mr. Peter Mitter, Regional Manager, Trade Marketing, United Breweries Group |  PC - Debi

While Samita taught me a lot about tasting, food paring etc from the lessons Samita gave us last year, I came to know about a lot of technicalities this year. For eg, I was not aware of the difference between Sparking wine and Champagne or what should and should not be called Port Wine and many other pearls of wisdom. The fact that left a lasting impression was that the Four Seasons wines are aged in French Oak Barrels which are imported from France. Each barrel is used for 2-3 times and then recycled? How? No, they do not make furniture out of them. They are sold to English Bourbon companies who use the barrel to add flavor to their Bourbon. Yes, one Indian wine company is really giving effort to give the best to us. Plus, they are now exporting to the world!

They also showed an audio-visual of the plant in Roti, Maharastra as how it was earlier and how it is now! It’s breath taking beautiful! They are going to start wine tourism soon. 

Then we were served Four Seasons Blush, Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc, Four Seasons Viognier, Four Seasons Shiraz and Four Seasons B.R. Cabernet Sauvignon. The food was served later.

I loved the event as I could meet all my darlings of the city – Swarnali, Debi, Anupriya, Pooja, Poorna, Soumi, Deepa, Shreya and the honorary member of this ladies club – Animesh.

L to R - Anupriya, Me, Shoumi, Shreya, Deepa. PC - Animesh

L to R - Shreya, Shoumi, Anupriya, Deepa, Debi, Me, Pooja. Soumi Says - "Its seems that Debi is the star here and the others are side dancers dancing in pairs." I am sure you will also agree with her. PC - Animesh

PC - Shreya

PC - Debi

My Four Seasons Wine Trail Wine Appreciation Certification

In the end, we were presented with our Seasons Wine Trail Wine Appreciation Certification!!! Who ever thought that I of all people will get it!!


There was too much wine there. I had to post this when I came back home....



Read what the other bloggers said about the event. They have included all the things Peter said during the presentation so, you will know more about Red and White Wine in India
By Four Seasons -


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PS - I do not recommend intake of alcohol in any manner to anyone. This is a non-paid event that I wanted to share with you.

PPS: I wanted this post to be there for a Saturday. Sadly, something went wrong when I scheduled it last Saturday. So, posting this today. I hope you liked this.

PPPS: I was a bit tipsy by the end. LOL. It was fun!!

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