Black and White Themed June Empties with Nineteen Products

Jul 1, 2013

As a reader, you might be seeing a lot of empties post and going – Why EMPTIES Post? Then, let me tell you – 

A. As a blogger, I end up buying a lot of things to try. I do not post about all of them because not all products are worthy to talk about. But, all of them just stay on your bathroom shelves.

B. I also get sale samples from PR that has to be used up or else they just sit there on the shelves.

C. When I do an empties post, I actually finish the products. Otherwise, I will always leave some product to compare/smell/etc. Now, I am emptying my bathroom shelves by using the products that had very few usages left. You will see in this post that I finished a product that I had from January 2012 and it contained product just for one usage in it!

D. It does give a sense of achievement! Start collecting your empties each month (if you are a product junkie) and you will see for yourself!

Last month, I decided to finish my Black and White products. There were some near miss but, here is finally what I finished - Nineteen Products in total [along with some other color products].

Hair Care

I loved LUSH H'suan Wen Hwa (13) a lot. I used up the whole tub in 4 usages. I will repurchase it soon. You can read the review here.

Pantene Pro V All Day Smooth Miracle Water (7) was the worst product of the year. You know why I am saying it confidently thought there is still half of the year left here - Review. How I finished it? I poured it out and applied like a mask for the hair ends.

I purchased Tresseme Climate Control Shampoo (6) and Conditioner (7) when they were newly launched to check if I can ever go back to SLS shampoo. (I have a sensitive scalp which itches and irritates when I use SLS products) I liked them but when I used them straight for a month, I found that my hair fall was back. So, I stopped using them. I finished the left amount of shampoo in 2 usages. The conditioner lasted 3 more usage.

Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo (1)* and Conditioner (2)* was attacked next. I had already used it at times so, they got over in 2 weeks and again the conditioner outran the shampoo. Have you ever finished Shampoo and Conditioner together?

I am not very proud of using them because I was not using SLS shampoos for a long time now. And I am surely not going to buy them ever again.


Face Wash - I am not a face wash person and used them very very rarely. I do not like the foaming cleansers. I finished three face washed this month simply because I had them for a long long time. They were used up as shower gel, hand wash, etc. I was not finishing them up just for sentimental reasons though the face washes had just 1 usage left! One! The three face washes are Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam With Activated Carbon (8) reviewed in Jan'12 here, Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Pore Unclogging Wash (9)* reviewed in July'12 here and Pond's Deep Clean Facial Form (10) which I brought just because of the free scrublet, read the review here.

Face Masks - I love using face masks. Using them gives me the ME time. Lush Cupcake (14) is great and I talked about it along with Dabur Uveda 5 in 1(15) mask here. This Dabur one was surely faulty so, I tried using it up as a body mask. The Aroma Magic Active Bamboo Charcoal (16) was another disappointment of the year which I finished up after using thick coats of the same on me. Reviewed here.

Body Wash - I am happy to announce that I finished up the H2O+ Spa Sea Moss Black Sand Body Scrub (3). To know why I am this happy, you have to read the review here. And I am sad that I finished Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Crushed Coconut and Jojoba Butter Extracts (11). I loved it and I will surely repurchase it. It’s creamy and yet exfoliating. Brownie points for the great yummy smell.

Moisturizers - After I finished up my Fab India Green Tea body lotion last month, I used up the other two lying around in my cupboard - Parachute Advanced Deep Nourish Extra Dry Skin (18) and Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh (19). Both were average products which did the work normally. Easy to absorb, moisturizing and economical. Nothing out of the box which made me write a post for them or re-purchase them. Meanwhile, I used up the small size of Lacto Calamine Hydration for Dry to Normal Skin (17). I was not sure which one would suit me as I never tried them after they changed the formula but I know now that the hydration one is surely not for me.

OthersSure Dry Shield Free Spirit (3) is a great product which actually works. I am using the other version now. I reviewed it here.

I finished my third bottle of Flormar Nail Polish remover (13) . They are available only at NewU stores.


Theme for Next Month 

Samples. I have loads of samples that I have received in beauty boxes, trial from PR, trial from Sales Assistants, gifts with purchase and all that. I keep them thinking that I will use them while travelling but it recently hit me – Why will anyone ‘try’ products when one is travelling? Duh!!

So, in July, I am going to finish a lot of samples.

* PR Sample

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