What's in my Makeup Bag?

Jun 9, 2013

I wanted to do this for a very long time. I generally end up changing a thing or two every week. Its almost a ritual to pick new things for the makeup bag from my vanity every sunday night, sharpen the pencils and refill the creams & cleansers. But, I am aiming to finish some makeup products so, I used these for a month now. I am continuing with them for few more weeks to come. If not, then I will love posting what new arrived in my makeup bag.

I am trying to source a good makeup bag which fulfills my needs and looks great. Till then, I am stuck with this mesh bag that I got from a stationery shop for just 49 INR.

Clockwise from Top Left

Red Lipstick - Maybelline Non Stop Red. It looks great on me and it lasts long. Swatches & Review here.

Coral Lipstick - Maxfactor Pink Brandy. It is my go to lip color. I am in love with this and I believe that this will be the first lipstick that I ever end up finishing.

Multipurpose - Sleek Oh So Special. Other than the great eye shadows, I use 'Boxed' as eye brow powder and at times 'Ribbon' as blush. I have hit the pan for Boxed. Yeahhh!!

Mild Cleanser -  I was using Cetaphil. Then, I moved to Lush Let the Good Times Roll. Now, I mixed them both and its perfect for gentle morning cleansing.

Black Kohl - Revlon Balckest Black. I love it. I might finish it this month. Remember my theme of empties this month - Black and White. I am going good for the theme.

Brown Kohl - Maxfactor Kohl Pencil 030 Brown. I like this one a lot. This is my only brown kohl. It do smudges but for the price its a great product. I have rarely been disappointed by maxfactor products. 

Pink Lip Liner- Bourjois Framboise Exquise. I never used it as lip liner. There, I said it. I use it a lip color. There is a lipstick from Sweet Kiss range with the same name. I want to buy that soon.

Tinted Balm - Maybelline Color Bloom Pink Blossom. This is the best budget lip balm plus color plus stain. What if it does not come in that sexy crayon form that everyone is digging for lip stains?

Brush - QVS Eye Brush. To fill my brows, to define creases, to highlight inner corner..blah blah.

Black Liner - Maybelline Hyper Sharp. After huge failures with pen style liners like Oriflame, etc I could never image that this one would be dark and intense. It damn easy to apply and great for defining cat eyes. My gel liners and felt tip liners are untouched from the day this came to my vanity.

Concealer - Maybelline Dreamlumi Touch Highlighting Concealer. I rarely used it and kept it only for the OOPS situations. I am not 100% satisfied but I am not sure how much to expect from a everyday concealer as this is the first concealer of my life. I surely need to explore more.

Mascara - Lakme Eyeconic. Its great for lower lashes. It does take a little more time to dry than other so, this one is not my favorite for sure.

Pink Lip Color - Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose. I love this one. It last long and its the perfect pink for me - bright and noticiable and yet, not on your face. I am amazed when I realized that I never reviewed this!

Eye Palette - Wet n Wild Vanity. Its not sold in India. Plus, its discontinued. I found a new one on a blog sale. My lame attempt to replace Maybelline Chai Latte. Duh! What was I thinking? Though, this one was a big hit and most colors are a MAC dupe.

Eye Cream - Sephora Age Defy. In case you noticed, I keep my everyday creams in lens cases. I read that in some blog last year. I will link back if I bump on it again. Speaking of this eye cream - I was never proud of this. I never will be. Why am I using it? This is my only eye cream and I need to finish this before moving to next.

Day Cream - L'oreal Revitalift. Purchased it back to back.

Face Powder - Bourjois Healthy Balance. On my way to finish this. Already touched pan.

3 x Mirror - QVS Mirror. I got it from NewU when NewU was cool and you used to get those gift with purchase. This has two mirrors - one normal and other one is 3X. 


And if you are going to ask where are the wipes? the sunscreen? the Q tips??? Where Girl Where? Then, let me tell you that I carry the full bottle of sunscreen in my bag. So, in case I forget my makeup, I do not fail to apply sunscreen. I miss on sunscreen only when I change bag in major rush. The wipes also are in my bag. The Q tips are with the band aids in the bag. My bag is more like potli baba's potli to be precise. And it has to be. Everyday, around 12 hours, my life depends on the things that are in my bag. No doubts its heavy. LOL.


I would love to know what's in your makeup bag. It's one of my favorite kind of post to read. Do you change often or do you stick to your essentials?


  1. that lens idea with creams is great . love your what is on your bag, the shades, and some of the brands I like are there

    1. I loved it when I read it in some blog last year. That blog had loads of great ideas. I will share the link. Same pinch for the similar liking for products.

  2. What a nice idea...puttin creams in lens cases! Love how uv made dotted lines in ths pic to connect product and name...straight out of a fashion mag ;)

    1. Ha ha. I love this mag style thing. I am glad you liked what I did :D

  3. great post :) even ive been planning a whats in my bag post! shall do it this week ! :D
    and i have 2-3 same mesh bags like this... i like them... theyre useful n so cheap too :P

    1. I will be waiting to read your post. What's in my bag is a nice way to know what other are using everyday. ;)

  4. nicee products and lists :) I like hoe you store the eye cream and day cream.. I too have a lens case.. lemme try it :)

  5. Lovely post! I love Oh so special too, such a winner palette it is. :) xx

  6. Awesome pic! Love the products u carry.. :)


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