Sweet Hero : Sure Women Dry Shield Alcohol Free Roll On Review [Passion]

Jun 25, 2013

When Madam Asin used to showed her underarms during the Sure ad, I made sure whatever be it, I won't be buying Sure Roll On. Never.......

But then you NEED a roll on. You live in India and its always hot and humid. We eat all kinds of spicy foods. You definitely need one. 

I wear perfumes everyday. But, I cannot reapply perfumes because most perfumes I have, have heavy glass bottles which makes it impossible to travel around. To make the perfume last longer, the easiest trick in the book is to wear a antiperspirant. Antiperspirants avoids any sweating, avoiding BO and hence, you can enjoy your perfume for a long long time. But, as you layer your antiperspirant under your main perfume you don't want any overpowering antiperspirant.

I tried the ones from Nivea but the glass bottles make it risky to carry around. I also useed the wax ones but they are uncomfortable. Even the ones from The Body Shop was a no-no. 

Then, last year I was forced to try the one I never wanted to - Sure Dry Shield. And now, I am repurchasing it back to back.

Sure Women Dry Shield Alcohol Free Roll On Review [Passion] India
Sure Women Dry Shield Passion

Sure Dry Shield Ingredients 

Sure Women Dry Shield Alcohol Free Roll On Review [Passion] India
Alcohol Free Antiperspirant in Indi

It comes in two variants - Passion (this one) and Free Spirit (purple color). They differ only over smell. Passion is more flowery and leans a bit toward cherry blossoms. Free Spirit is muskier. I love passion more.

Price - 70 INR for 40ml and 40 INR for 25 ml.


  • Alcohol free. It takes a bit longer to dry because it is not alcohol based. 
  • It does not make underarms darker like the alcohol based ones. I can wait for 10 extra seconds to save my skin.
  • Dry to powder. No sticky feeling. Feels like nothing is on skin!
  • Great to use as layer under most perfumes as the smell does is not headache-inducing overpowering. But, if you wear this unaccompanied then you can smell it for around 4-5 hours. It's not strong but yet lingers.
  • Plastic bottle. Travel friendly. Never leaked or anything. 
  • Available in two variants and two sizes.
  • Low price.
  • Prevents sweating. I have not done the Sure under one arm and none under the other like Asin does but it does reduces sweating. 
  • Easily available in India.

  • Takes a bit longer to dry compared to alcohol based roll on. But, I am okay with it as it prevents underarms darkening.

Overall - This is one of the good working alcohol-free roll on that can be easily used under most perfume as it does not have over powering smell. Plus, the packaging is not heavy glass but sturdy plastic. Also, love the fact that it does not feel sticky after it dries. You can completely forget that you even wore this in the morning!!

Repurchase - I am re-purchasing it for a year now and intend to do that for a long time until I discover another alcohol free mild smelling roll on in light packaging.

I would recommend it to everyone. This inexpensive product actually works. Do try using it to make your perfumes last longer. I never thought I will review deodorants or roll ons but this product is so good that I badly wanted to share with you.

Also, do drink a lot of water if nothing is helping you. 

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