Presenting Happiness Part I - Caramelle

Jun 27, 2013

Yesterday, was one of those days when I felt nothing is right. NOTHING. I have a high tolerance level but things are going beyond my control for more than a week now. My office work is as over loaded as it can be making me work around 14 hours for a month now, I got a nice offer to write but I didn't because I could not take photos around weekends because its raining almost everyday, I cannot even take proper pictures to put up in blog when I have loads to share with you, I am hating the rain (Everyday! Seriously? ), I am missing Mr.Boy, some other tension at home etc get the picture here!!

So, yesterday, I called Poorna of Presented By P who blogs about food in Kolkata. She was posting too many amazing photos these days and so, I requested her to take me somewhere - ANYWHERE to make me happy.

And she took me to CARAMELLE. I was having a bad hair day so, pulled my hair back and tied them. I wore yellow to feel better. Yellow is my happy color.

Caramelle - Can't Talk, Eating Fried Pies, Experiencing Nirvana

I want a clock like that!!

The Lady in Blue around the corner runs the place. If you enlarge the pic, you can see me in the mirror on the wall wearing yellow top.

Macroons anyone???

Wooo Snowflakes...yum yum

"How much happiness do you need - Regular, Large, Extra Large?" Me - "Make it Extra Extra Large" *wink* 

Darker Happiness

What we had

I was late so, here what was Poorna enjoying before I reached the place - Salt Eclair. When I entered, she was talking the pictures before eating them - typical blogger! So, I also took some photos. Then, I order a Coffee Eclair which I gulped down before talking any picture - typical forever hungry people!! LOL

Crème Brûlée. You can spot Poorna on the spoon :D

Rainforest Warp

Yes, food and good places for food makes me happy. Poorna took me to the perfect place to uplift my mood. 

Caramelle is beside Khosla Electronics near Copper House (45 Jhowtalla Road). The place is undoubtedly beautiful. They have different menus for Veg and Non-Veg. I surely go again for breakfast and Black Pepper Cheesecake. 

To know how the food and all was, you will have to wait for Poorna's post. If you live in Kolkata and want to experiment then please follow her blog Presented By P

The reason I named the post 'Presenting Happiness' because she presents them to ME. Then why Part I? Because she took me to two cafes. Another post coming up soon. That cafe is prettier than this. Ohh yes, it is.

Thanks Poorna.

Happy Moi



Address - 45, Syed Amir Ali Avenue also known as 45, Jhowtalla Road,Ballygunge, Kolkata
Phone - +91 9051135313

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