First CC Cream In India by Lakme - Lakme Complexion Care Cream

Jun 21, 2013

While the world have gone toward DD creams now, When every leading skincare brand was launching BB cream, I wondering why Lakme is being mum on this trend and now, I know. We are about to get the first CC cream in India, thanks to Lakme. 

Presenting Lakme Complexion Care cream.

This is made specially for Indian skin tone and available in two shade - Beige and Bronze. (Just two?) 

The cream also has SPF 20. The price is yet to be disclosed. Yours truly will update it the moment I get to know.  Price 250 INR for 30ml. Not bad *wink*

When everyone is making BB and the world already making DD, I just hope this CC does not turn out to be just a tinted moisturizer named the fancy way. Keeping my fingers crossed!

In case, you are are puzzled with BB, CC and DD then I think the following picture will help you. I do not know the source of this one. I posted it on my FB page here.



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