Super Hero: You Cannot Miss On This One If You Have Sensitive Skin

Jun 21, 2013

I am using this from December 2010. That is when a dermatologist recommended this one to me. And from then there is no turning back. I skipped buying this, started to miss it in my vanity and hence repurchased this again and again. I now use this daily every morning. I am sure anyone with sensitive skin should not even need me to name this. This product is none other than Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin.

Non-Foaming Cleanser for Sensitive Acne Prone Skin

Cetaphil Cleanser Ingredients, Details, Price in India

I have not found a single person who ever used it and said 'Meh!'. There are people who like to see foam while they clean their face and for them this might be a bit disappointing. I personally try to stay away from foamy things and hence, I love it. There is even a guy in my office who lived most of his life in the US who swears by this. But, he only uses the US version so, get it imported every time.

I did a short review with '15 cleansers, masks and scrubs' and I missed this one in that post. I also missed my favorite Orange cleanser there.

How I use it - Splash my face with some water. Take around a spoonful of the cleanser. Apply like a mask for a minute. Gently massage in round motion. Wash it off. Currently, I am using it as a mixing-medium with Lush Let the Good Times Roll and keeping it in my everyday makeup bag. 

Sweet Points
  • Non-foaming cleanser
  • Fragrance-free
  • Mild even for sensitive skin
  • Dermatological recommended
  • Avoid pimples or any active growths on skin
  • Smooths skin from mild sunburn
  • Cheap
  • Available in every medical shop.

Bitter Points
  • Does not completely remove makeup.
  • Contains preservative and alcohol. But alcohol is to dry out the pimples so, I am okay.

Price - 149 INR (~2.5$) for 125ml

Overall - This is surely a super hero product and you will love it to the last drop. If mild gentle things are not for you then stay away. I tried to use the cream from this range but it turned out to be a disaster for me. So, I am sticking only with the cleansing lotion and I am sticking with it for a long long time.

Have you tried Cetaphil?

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