[Spotted] Sally Hansen and Rimmel London Are Now In Kolkata

Jun 4, 2013

A Milllion & Two Thanks to Lee Pandi for sharing the great news with us. The extra two for two special announcements. Last night, she left a comment on my post that 2 companies which were so far available only by some online stores -  Rimmel London and Sally Hansen are available in Kolkata at Shoppers Stop, South City. 

I read that comment while going to office this morning and I could not think of anything else but Sally Hansen and Rimmel all day long. So, by 6 skipped office and ran to the South City to hold the babies. This was the first time I saw them in stores because so far they are only available through online stores (and none of the online stores are great with their stocks). BTW I am still strong on my decision of not buying any makeup a some months but I wanted to check if I get something completely unique.

As you can notice the counters are very deserted. Even the Sales Assistants are Missing! LOL. 

Rimmel London and Sally Hansen, Shoppers Stop, South City, Kolkata

The Deborah Milano SA told me that both opened 2 days back and are still stocking up. Let's hope that in two weeks top we get the complete collection in here.

Are you excited? I do not have to buy any other nail remover from now on. I can go back to Sally Hansen Strengthening Polish Remover.

PS: Now, I just need a properly stocked Bourjois to fill me in. I am this close (right hand thumb nail almost touching right hand index nail) to ask Mr. Boy to buy some Bourjois products for me.

PSS : Tell me you didn't tried that nail touchy thing?


  1. Just come over to Mani Square to get your Bourjois Fix, na!!

    Also, you made my day. SOUTH CITY HERE I COME! !

    1. Thanks for sharing. I will visit the place soon. The only problem is too far from my home :(

  2. Wow, wonderful peice of news to lighten up the day!!!
    I am crazy abt nail paints n nail art. and this is a big news!!

  3. awww thank you doll for mentioning me.. xoxo

    1. You completely deserved a mention. You are the one who is making all the girls in Kolkata happy XOXOX

  4. Oh my god... making my list.. cant wait for saturday.. :D


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