5 Hand Creams Compared - The Body Shop, Soap & Glory, The Face Shop and Vaseline

Jun 17, 2013

If you ask me even today - why hand cream? Then I do not have an answer! They are either cute or smell nice or means something to me or something that I wanted to try. I found these pictures on my laptop so, thought of doing a quick post before its too late. I have even finished up one of the following now and about ti finish another *wink*

Soap Glory Hand Food Face Shop Me:Ex Body Shop Absinthe Cranberry India Review

a. Vaseline Healthy Hand Nail Conditioning - This is the first hand cream I tried. I brought my first around the time I started blogging. My idea was to get cream in a tube that I can carry around. I wanted a change from Johnson's baby cream tube. This one helped to cure hang nails. I loved the smell. I used to take it with me as a moisturizer when Mr. Boy and I were on weekend hill stations trips. Now, I link the smell to those memorable times. I upgraded to the bigger tube last year but hardly used it because I started to keep moisturizers in lens cases while travelling. 

Sweet- Smell, Softens cuticles, cures hang nails, skin absorbs this one easily, have the consistency of lotion, inexpensive, hygienic tube, travel-friendly, comes in two sizes.
Bitter - Not fast absorbing for summers.
Price - 50 INR for 75ml

b. The Body Shop Cranberry Joy - This is a hand cream meant only for winters. So, TBS brought it out around Christmas. But, I got it when I saw a 50% off tag on it. It smells like the cranberry and is very very thick.

Sweet - Cranberry smell (during winters), thick and heavy duty
Bitter - Not easily absorbing (have to rub for some time), limited edition, expensive, only for harsh dry winters.
Price - 495 INR for 30ml. I purchased at 50% off.

c. The Body Shop Absinthe - I love this one because the smell can cover any odor. This is my best friend on days I cook. You can read the complete review here.

Sweet - Fresh smell, Masks odors like a pro, does not give a plastic feel when it sinks in, light.
Bitter - Scared of the tin tube as it might crack and leak, expensive.
Price - 495 INR 30ml and 995 INR for 100ml.

d. The Face Shop Me Ex Pet Fruity - Undoubtedly, the fastest absorbing hand cream and also, the cutest of all. Not much moisturizing. Read the review here.

Sweet - Cute adorable tub, fastest absorbing hand cream, light, fluffy and non-greasy.
Bitter - Unhygienic tub, not moisturizing enough, expensive, not easily available.
Price - 500 INR for 30ml

e. Soap & Glory Hand Food - Claims to be the most astonishing hand cream ever but somehow it is not great. The smell is nice and the cream in okay in general. I finished it last month, and I have not missed it yet. Read the review here.

Sweet - Light and absorbs easily, great smell, smooth feeling but not silicone, travel-friendly with strong flip top
Bitter - Not easily available, no repairing.
Price390 INR for 50ml 

Soap Glory Hand Food Face Shop Me:Ex Body Shop Absinthe Cranberry India Review

For now, I am trying not to finish up TBS Absinthe as it is good but high priced. I will do some thinking before repurchasing it. I will continue to buy Vaseline for long because it works on hang nails best. Plus, it multi-tasks as a good moisturizer and smells good (for me *wink*).  Rest, I won't care much when they finish. The tub will be used for some storage, and the rest two will be thrown away one is already thrown away.

I have heard a lot about the L'Occitane ones, but none of the smells lasts on me. I am happy with their solid perfumes as of now. I will like to try the Vivel Cell Repair as it is another inexpensive good one, but I am yet to spot them somewhere. 

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