Cutest Hand Cream of The Block : The Face Shop Me: Ex Mini Pets Fruits Hand Cream Review

May 28, 2013

Cute Hand Cream :)

First, just stare at the cute tub. Just stare at it. 

Liked it?

I am sure you have seen cuter ones because these days the hand's creams are getting nicer by each passing day. Etude House ones are leading in the race but because EH is not in India, but we do have The Face Shop at Sephora, let's talk about this one.

There are total four variants available for this one. But, when I was at Sephora, I got confused and pleaded Mr. Boy for suggestions. 

My plan was to get the pink 'Floral'; he felt it was very boring. It surely was! Then, I smelt the 'sweet,' and it was just too sweet. Then, I thought of getting Baby when Mr. Boy pointed out that it is just like Johnson Baby Powder. Plus, the face looks sad. It is the white one. After this, without any further adieu, I picked Fruits because it was the only one left. At that point of time, I had no intentions of getting this one cancelled out. I had to get at least one. 


And no doubt that I liked this tub the most. I love orange/yellow cartoon characters - Pluto, Garfield, Pooh, name it. Does this make me a racist of any sort? I hope not.

The Face Shop Me: Ex Mini Pets Fruits Hand Cream Review

The Face Shop Me: Ex Mini Pets Fruits Hand Cream Review

Made in Korea.

Price 500 INR ( 8.95$ ) for 30ml

The Face Shop Me: Ex Mini Pets Fruits Hand Cream Review

I started using it in Delhi and I hated it! It did nothing for the dryness plus the smell leans a lot toward some medicine. Still not able to figure which medicine. Then, I started using this one after I came to Kolkata. It was okay for the moderate dry winters of Kolkata. I kept it in Office for few days but then everyone started talking about the cute orange toy that Shayoni has in her drawers and I had to bring it back to home. Plus, I had to review Soap & Glory Hand Food and TBS Absinthe so, this one was pushed far back in my storage. Such a sad story for a cute tub. No? Luckily, I re-discovered it two weeks back and started using it again. 

  • Comes in a cute tub
  • Have four variants to choose from
  • Absorbs very quickly. This is the fastest absorbing of all hand creams I have tried till date.
  • The texture is light, fluffy and non-greasy.
  • Does not leave behind any oiliness. I can go ahead and start playing Cut the Rope in an instant (yes, angry birds have been replaced by Cute the Rope for me now)
  • The smell is mild and lingers for just a few minutes.

  • Comes in a tub. Surely not hygienic 
  • Available in just ONE shop in India. Another option is Ebay.
  • I got it for 500 INR ( 8.95$ ) for 30ml which is way too much.
  • I cannot stay I love this smell because it do remind of medicine but I am not sure which one. Luckily, it does not linger.
  • As the smell is very light, its does not mask any odor. If you are looking for a hand cream that masks odors, then please try TBS Absinthe. You will come back to thank me :)
  • Not very moisturizing. If you have very dry hands, then this will do nothing for you.


I got it for the cute tub. This surely is the fasting drying non-oily hand cream, but then it is not great in moisturization department. Also, its costs a lot and availability is an issue. I will surely not repurchase this one. My plan is to finish it up and keep the tub with me. 

Ohh come on - it is Orange! I love it. (I love only the tub, the cream is nothing special for the price I paid)


  1. Gosh! Its sooooo cute! I think the next time am in Delhi am gonna pick this up just for the coochie-coo tub it comes in :D

    1. Even I got it for the same reason. If it had moisturized well then it would have been a killer hand cream.

  2. it looks lovely butttttttttt wish it worked well too :)

    1. I had that same wish :( I am glad that it absorbs quickly. The ones with not-so-dry-hands will love this

  3. I would buy it just for the container!! So cute!! :)

    I'm still obsessed with angry birds.. will download cut the rope and see if replaces angry birds :)

    1. I was playing Angry Birds for sooooo long that something HAD to replace them. Cut the Rope has a cute om nom. Try experiments or Time Travel. They have more challenges.

  4. It looks so cute! I got the pink owl hand cream from EH when I went to HK and I love the fragrance and the owl :)


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