Sleek Lip 4 Palettes Are Now Available at Sleek.Com

May 15, 2013

After winning everyone’s heart with their eye shadow palettes, Sleek has launched lip palettes. Each palette houses 4 colors and most have the colors of same family or complementing class. I was excited from the day I saw that they were about to be launched and waited for these to launch -

Sleek Ballet - Tutu, Plie, Swan Lake and Pirouette

Sleek Tease - Show Off, Spotlight, Paris and Dita

Sleek Siren - Love Me, Desire Me, Miss Me and Kiss Me. I loved the shade names of this one.

Sleek Showgirl - Lola, Vegas, Jewel and Dancer

Sleek Havana Dreams  - Rum, Frappuccino, Cookie and Creme Brulee. Online only.

Sleek Mardi Gras - Rio, Carnival, Firework and Masquerade. Limited Edition. Online only.

I wished to buy at least 2 of them (Showgirl and Siren) but now that many bloggers have started to review them, I am not interested anymore. None of the swatches impressed me - Nothing wrong with the person who swatched them. It’s just that I am not impressed. Nothing that made me go –“Woo. Me. Want. This”

Plus, the price tag of £8.99 (~750 INR) is not helping either. Their 10 eye shadow palettes cost 1£ less than the lip palettes.

Are you looking forward to these? Buying any lip palette soon?


  1. yeah, I saw the swatches. In the end those different four shades looked same.

    1. Yes.. nothing looked great. It seems like the same color in different intensity! I was sooo excited about them. Sighhhh….

    2. but I liked their lipstick. Would rather buy their lipsticks.

  2. in the end i think their palettes have too many similar color...
    white,off white,grey,dark grey,black in one palette??? (eg)
    its just the marketting technique to let us buy all of the palettes lol


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