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May 17, 2013

May 4, Around 8 PM - While going thought all the random photo in FB, I discovered that Erica darling have posted photos of Real Techniques Brush Sets. That surely means she might have found an amazing website that ships RT Brushes to India. Just FYI - RT brushes are loved a lot by everyone because they are affordable and great. And yes, this also means that RT is not available in India.

May 4, 8:45 PM - I found that Erica was online. So, I popped the question - "From where?" 

"My frnd got it 4 me" 
"*sad smiley* i am dying to get real techniques, no one ships it to India *sad smiley*"
" ships 2 India" 
"seriously ???? i am heading to the website now "
"Kool...u wont regret. .njoy"

May 4, 10:30 PM - Cart full of RT products, Burts Bees Gift Packages etc. Worried about what will I eat for the rest of the month if I spend it all in one go.

May 4, 11:30 PM and after - Planned to get UD Naked. So, pinged Erica again for suggestion. And after getting her views I decided to get only UD palettes - Naked and Naked 2. 

Okay..lets add one RT brush as well. Hmm let's get only the RT brush for now. Checkout. What? ~500 INR for tracking? How to un-select this? Ohh Man...Okay let's get more and more goodies to justify this extra charges.

May 5, 3 AM - Order Placed. 

May 6 - Let's go for make up haul. Oh wait. I spent £28.00 last night. Let my credit card cool down for a day at least. 

May 7- Order still in processing state. Let's forget about the haul. It will surely take a month.


May 13, 10:15 - Had a busy and bad day. Well this is Monday. Duh! About to sleep. Hey, what is that huge brown bag? Ohh it has royal mail stamp. Royal mail? What have it....MUA? 

Yes, I didn't placed a order at Lookfantastic.Com but at because buying from where you thought you will is so mainstream! LOL. Just Kidding. I made other decisions but will share those when I actually DO them. You know me by now. Right?


In other stories

MUA Website Experience - The website is not the best of its types but its okay. 

My Order Details - 
  • 4 Nail Polish of £1 each. (~84 INR each)
  • 3 Neutral Eye shadow of £4 each (~ 336 INR each)
  • 2 Burshes. F2 for £3 ( ~252 INR) and E4 for £1.50 (~126 INR)
  • Subtotal £20.50 (~1722)
  • Shipping & Handling £7.50 (~ 630 INR) 
  • Grand Total £28.00 ( ~2352 INR) (Plus another 100 INR for bank charges etc.)

The shipping was super fast. Do note that I didn't received any mail informing that my package was sent. The bubble wrapping was the best of its kind. Everything was triple bubble wrapped except the brushes. So, the palettes didn't had a scratch and the nail polishes didn't leaked but the brushes had to face what was written for them. Travelling from UK to India without bubble wrap? Adventurous much? So, one the brush - Mr. E4. sacrificed himself. May his soul rest in peace. 

Because, the brush cannot be used in anyway, I decided to mail them.

14th May, 12:08 AM - I raised a ticket.

Hello MUA Team, 

I just received the package. Thanks for the speedy delivery. I loved the packaging - not a scratch! But, unfortunately the brushes weren't packed. One of the brushes (E4) is broken :( 

Please tell me what can be done. 


I didn't said that I need a replacement or money back or anything. I left on them to decide.

May 14, 2:18 PM  - Got a mail.

Hi Shayoni

Sorry to hear that you received a damaged item. I have refunded you for this item and the money should appear in your account in the next 72 hours.

This has been refunded via Paypal.

Kind regards


May 15  - Money Refunded.



PS: In case you are wondering why I haven't titled the post as "MUA Haul". Its because calling a Hual a haul is just so mainstream. Have a good night sleep. You need that now *wink*


  1. ooooo i love the new banner and the pastel polishes !!!

    1. Thanks Dear. They are bit dull for pastel color. I will swatch them soon.

  2. I am confused..
    I thought you purchased Naked and Naked 2 from along with the RT brushes.. when did you switch to! :O

    1. Welcome Fathima. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      This post was made to confuse. :D
      When I was about to place the order around 2 AM on 5th May, I thought of checking out MUA. And I ended ordering these from them.

      'May 5, 3 AM - Order Placed. ' - is not for but *wink*

  3. haha, this was amazing. I was like wow we are going to see an amazing haul.
    But anyway
    Psst, you can get these delivered for free from :)
    heheh, now Enjoy!

    1. LOL. I could not get the free delivery from them :( They were charging for tracking the parcel :(

  4. "Travelling from UK to India without bubble wrap? Adventurous much?" Love ur humor!!!!!
    Btw u may not know me but ive been following ur blog for over a month! Hi!!!

    1. Glad you liked it and read the complete post. Thanks the following the blog :) Keep your lovely comments flowing in :D


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