OOTD : Two Good

May 6, 2013

I could not resist anymore. This is another great click by Animesh from East Grad Fashion (link). I am yet to edit the photos of this OOTD but I love this photo and I could not wait more. God know when I will get any time to blog properly! Office is killing me.

Salute to Animesh for this click.

I will share the details of the outfit later because things are not clearly visible here.


PS: Please pray that I get some free to to at least shop. The 500 INR voucher from ELLE is going to expire on May 10th and I do not see any free time in future to go there. Mummiiiiiiii.....Ohhh and mother's day is also near. Need to shop for that as well!!!!....please pray for me...


  1. you look great Shayoni :) and loving the picture !!
    I hope u find some free time :) Amen

    1. Thank you Jamine ^.^ I hope your wish come true for me. I need some free time very very badly as I have to work on the blogger template as well.

  2. You are looking awesome in this dress.

  3. Animesh truly did a great job with the pictures...you look stunning :D More pics puhleeezzz :D
    P.S.- I love the new header and about me section ^_^

  4. You really look lovely...wonderful pic :)

  5. hi!
    cool blog! followin you ;)
    drop by mine and let me know if you like it!
    kisses from Spain,

  6. Lovely pic dear.. We really managed to click good pics that day...

    Lots of love


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