International Toiletry Co Caribbean Collection In Westside India

May 19, 2013

About a month back, I accidentally discovered very nice packaged bath products on one neglected corner of Westside. I thanked Tata Group for bringing these lovely products in India. The combinations areo great. These can surely compete with the class of The Body Shop at a much much much lower price

I badly wanted it share with you because of the very nice combination of fruits, but I could not take photos in the store. I came back and Googled about it. I only remember 'Caribbean something' but in Google I got everything from Pirates of Caribbean to Holidays in Caribbean to what not! 

I rolled my sleeves today and decided - "What ever be it, I am gonna get you today. Period."

And I found them in the Designer's website. 

The amazing variants available -
  • Coconut & Lime
  • Pink Grapefruit & Mandarin
  • Papaya & Strawberry
  • Mango & Passion Fruit
Product Range 
  • Exfoliating Shower Gel
  • Body Lotion
  • Soap
  • Hand Wash
  • Body Moisturizer 
  • and more...

I want to buy them and try them out specially, the body moisturizer. The only problem is only from body shop, I have 3 tubs to finish! But, if I successfully empty some bath products this month then, I surely going to get some bath products simply because I NEED to see if this can compete with TBS and also because of the nice packaging. In case you are wondering who is genius behind the great packaging its Todd Anderson.

Have you spotted them anywhere other then Westside? Have you tried them?


  1. i so so wanna try them after takin a look at these drool-a-dle pics...

    do let know if u come across them somewhere online too.. :)

    1. The products looks very classy for sure. I will tell you if I discover them online

  2. they look cool ! have never seen them! n yes need to finish off some bath prdcts before looking for these :P

    1. I know! I want to finish up few of the bath products I have now to buy at least one of these cute pretty things

  3. I've seen them in Westside too, but didn't buy because I have way too many things to finish :( You'll have to tell me if they're worth it.

    1. I will definitely tell you dear. Just let me finish some products first and then I will buy them.

  4. These look so great! I'll check out the Westside stores here in Mumbai. I'd got a press release for this about a month back or so now I remember, the coconut and Lime range is supposed to be at 50% this summer!

    1. :D
      In the press release did they mentioned which stores are having the offer?

  5. nicee range and looks good !! gotto try this one out..

  6. These look really nice and smells great too..unfortunately not all the varieties are available at the Camac St store :(..didnt like coconut and lime that much though

  7. looks like jam and marmalade to me :).......... very yum-looking indeed!!

  8. I have seen these! I brought a mist a while ago but it wasn't very long lasting !!


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