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May 5, 2013

Even after sacrificing my first Aldo and Forever 21 sunglasses I was not ready to learn any lesson. I brought a new pair from Aldo and I continued to keep my sunglasses without any case which keeps on rolling in my bag all the time! But recently I saw this in the Aldo store and realized this is high time I should give my sunglasses a new home. (In case you need a case like this you can try normal sunglasses store but my sunglasses are huge and need a bigger home. I have seen similar cases and trendier ones in Miss Jo stores in Delhi. )

This was for 800 INR (whattt??) but I agreed because if I break my present ones I will have to buy new which will definitely be more than 800 INR. I miss the Forever 21 store in Delhi which had very reasonably priced trendy sunglasses with UV protection. As I do not drive or even go out in sun for long I never care to get very high end ones. I am okay with anything with UV protection . 

Which sunglasses do you have? Any special one you are dreaming of this season? As you as careless like me, for your sunglasses?

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