Sweet Hero : My Mild Scrub, Cleanser and Face Wash from Lotus Herbals

May 21, 2013

Long before the companies started with 'facial at home', '3 in one products', 'parlor type clean-up', there is an Indian company who nailed it. They had 

  • a scrub which had gentle beads helping you to get a moderate to heavy exfoliation
  • a scrub which cushiony medium which prevented over exfoliation plus helped the product to be used as a face mask
  • a scrub that has soap in it but very very less amount hence clarifying skin without drying it out. In fact, this is the only product with SOAP that I allow for my face. 

And you know what – all these there are actually ONE product.

But, you have never heard the company claiming at that way MAYBE because 

A. when it was launched two years back, there was no trend of multitasking product. For Eg - if anyone launch a tinted moisturizer now, then they will name it as BB cream because THAT is what is IN now! 

B. the company had a face wash and a mask from the same range. (both of them never take off – yet to find someone who considers any of them a HG product). 

Added to it, the marketing people decided to use the trend that is in India for decades – WE MAKE YOU FAIR! They added the terms WHITE and GLOW for the branding. Every one wanted to be fair in India. Whereas now, only few girls fall for the gori-gori claims and there many who will willingly never buy anything which even make a subtle claim of fairness. 

I, on the other hand ignore what the company claims, have a look at the ingredients, check the texture and buy products and so, I go this simply because most scrubs in India had SLS that point of time and this one listed it toward the end of the ingredients list meaning lesser quality. 

Luckily, I got it because from that day, I have always repurchased it – for 2 years now! It’s not that I use it every day or bi-weekly or anything - not a routine products. It’s just that I always have it with me. 

The product I am raving about is Lotus WhiteGlow Oatmeal & Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub

Sweet Points

  • Effective as a mild scrub and also, works for heavy exfoliation. The oats are a better replacement for the apricot/walnut scrubs. They are effective. The medium make sure than you never over exfoliate. 
  • Can be used as a face mask. I generally dilute this a bit, massage it with a light hand on my face and then keep it on for 2-3 minutes for the ingredients to act for my skin. I wash it off before it dries.
  • Good for all type of skin. In past two years because I changed my location so many types, I have had sensitive, dry, oily, acne-prone, combination - everything. And this has helped me all the time.
  • Add a glow, does not dries out skin, smooths it and removes dullness - like every good scrub must do.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Lasts long. 
Bitter Points
  • Not a GREEN product. As you can see in the ingredients list, they also have polyethylene granules more than oats powder. Polyethylene granules are great as scrubs but they as seriously nasty for the environment. BTW, chances of having it in ready-made scrubs is very common. I am noting down the point because it says- HERBAL. There are also some parabens in the list.
  • Contains SLS. But then the quantity is low and I ignore it because I do not feel the harsh effect of SLS on my skin because of this.
  • In case, I happen to let it dry then its a bit tough to take off and sometimes leave an artificial white cast which take another few seconds to come off. What..they never said to use it as mask + they never said to let it get bone dry on your face. Duh!
  • Like other Lotus products which comes in tube, some amount is deposited around the mouth of the flip-cap making it look dirty.

Price - 165 INR (~2.99 $) for 100 gm


I love this effective scrub which can be worked up for heave exfoliation. Oats are better than walnut/apricot scrub because they do not irritate sensitive skin. At just 165 INR for 100 gm, this is a must have product which is multi-tasking. It works for all types of skin. I will never recommend it for daily use though. Nasty things in ingredients list but I never found them to harm my skin.

I have lost count of the number of times I have repurchased this. This surely does not include in my daily skincare regime but I always keep one with me for just-in-case situations.


  1. Great review S&B :) I need to try this product now. I love their White Glow Micro Emulsion

    1. Thanks Lancy. I have never tried anything else from the range. I will try the Micro Emulsion if I get a chance. Thanks for sharing

  2. ive seen this around but never thought to try it!
    will def give it a shot now, plus quite its affordable :)

    1. its very affordable and it last longs - completely justifies.

  3. I wanted to give this a try at first now, but no, I am not getting it because of the polythelene beads :(

  4. I have tried it on my face but due to my dry skin it kind of irritates my skin and my skin burns a little.. So i switched to Oriflame's MIlk and honey gold smoothening scrub and it has worked wonders for my skin..

    1. I used to love it when I had dry skin. Sad that it didn't worked for u. Glad that you found something you love


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