Friday Poll - Which Is Your Favorite BB Cream?

May 3, 2013

Hello Cupcakes,

I am doing this is a survey to find which BB cream/stick is loved by the girls in India. There are many in India as of now and maybe some more companies will also follow soon. (For example, Nivea BB cream is yet to come to India. They just launched the 3 in one thing so, let wait for a month or two more.)

Please let me know which BB cream touched your heart. (It was not possible for me to list out all the BB creams and I might have missed, so, please comment and let me know.) Please vote as I need the data for a special post that I am going to do for you. If you have anything more to share about BB creams then please comment and let everyone know.

Please Please Please VOTE

Which is your favorite BB Cream in India

I personally have 5 varieties of what are available in India. Ponds one is at the testing phase. The BB stick was loved a lot because it reduced pore size for me. You can read the reviews here -

Maybelline BB Stick
Garnier BB Cream
Deborah Milano BB Cream



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