Yoko Does Magic To Bring Alive The Disney Princess Story

Apr 15, 2013

Let's start with a lee-tel game to break the ice. 

Who watched Disney cartoons while growing up? 

Now, tell me how many times you dream of having those beautiful tresses like those Disney Princesses Jasmine, Ariel, Pocahontas, Alice and Rapunzel? (Well, I thought Rapunzel's ones were just too much high maintenance for me and I can skip that. But, when I watched Tangled a year back, I started to envy her again. )

Disney surely gave the little girls some pretty unrealistic expectations about hair. But, are they really unrealistic? Let's say, is the dream of perfect straight hair unrealistic? I am not even asking this time who want to have perfect straight hair because I know the answer. EVERYBODY. (If you don't then I am sure you are born with it and have no idea what ordeals a girl with head full of curly hair go though in her life.)

Science have developed and so are technologies to deal with hair care. The nastiest of curly frizzy hair (think Monica in Barbados) can become the most tamed elegant straight that your wished to have always. But most methods needs heat and nasty chemicals which can damage your beautiful hair. 

But, then when you just wash your hair, its straight and as it dires, it start getting frizzy and curly. No? Can't that straight hair continue for long? Say THANKS to Yuko for collaborating with Sunsilk and creating a shampoo that does exactly the same.




There is a magic moment between wet & dry hair when your hair looks perfectly straight and beautifully aligned. But as it dries, it starts to puff up and lose shape. Sunsilk expert Yuko Yamashita has co-created Sunsilk Perfect Straight, the ideal shampoo for straight hair every day. Its breakthrough Straight-Lock technology to actively control and hold every strand perfectly aligned as it dries. It penetrates deep within the hair fibre, reducing frizz and straightening strands, keeping them fully aligned as they dry*. Experience unbeatably straight hair that is shiny, smooth and gorgeous, right from the shower.
Straight baal lock karo, rock karo!

Now go ahead and be the princess you wished to be.


This post is an entry for the Sunsilk Perfect Straight contest, hosted by Indiblogger.

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