OOTD - I Long To See The Sunlight In Your Hair

Apr 24, 2013

There are songs which suit your current mood and there are one which changes yours to bring to the mood of the song. 'Hello' by Lionel Richie one is the second kind for me. This definitely one of my most favorite song.

This photo shoot happened long back in January when it was almost spring here. I went to a place near Animesh’s home and that area is very deserted. But, there were still few people, who guessed (because of the camera, reflector etc) that someone was making a Movie and were staring at us the whole time! And then come a time when you cannot care less about who is watching because you need to click as much as you can before the sun sets. Then why did I wait for this long to post them? Because, it took some time for me to get all the pictures in high resolution. I wished to crop out a lot of them and here is what is left of around 50 photos! We also continued for 2 more outfits with the same makeup and shoes. I will try to edit the photos of other outfits soon.

This is the first time I did an outfit post and I surely learnt a lot. I sooooo wish Boy was here to help me click loads of photos. When I was in Delhi I never cared much for an OOTD and now when I want to there is no one clicks them! Irony of my life. BTW the following photo is Mr Boy’s wallpaper now *wink* 

I have edited them a few days back but could not post them as I am very busy at work these days. Spending around 12 hours in office and include around 2 more hours for travel. 

White Polka Blouse - Zara, Oxblood Pants - Vera Moda, Rose Gold Watch - Fossil, Pearl Studs - Forever 21, Polka Dot Shoes - Sarojini New Delhi, Clutch - Lajpat New Delhi.

All pictures were taken by the Animesh from East Grad Fashion. Deepa helped a lot during the shoot. Do visit their website and you will fall in love.


  1. OMG!!!! What fantastic pictures!!!! Love them....you look so cute!

  2. Replies
    1. Its from Zara and just 750 INR. Quite a steal no? I had actually picked something else. Got in line to pay for this but saw the girl in front of me having this. I was like - "where did u got THIS??" And she pointed out to where to hunt. You must have guessed the rest *wink* I am sucker for polka dots

  3. very very sweet! loved the pics. awesome shots

  4. Nice pics.. loved your OOTD especially the wedges :D

  5. Very pretty OOTD... love your pant!! I have been eyeing on that shade since a long tym... :/

    1. I hope you hunt down the shade you want. I got mine from Vera Moda and I need more from Vera Moda now :)

  6. aww...polka dots....love them on you !!!!!! you are really cute

  7. Hey Shayoni... you look so beautiful in all the pictures... You Know what I and Animesh have been planing to do a photoshoot in the same location with similar setup especially considering the sun light or rather I would say Sun rays but after your shoot we have hardly got a glimpse of such a perfect... ummmm... 'everything'.
    I too want a picture like yours... :(


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