Moi in Cosmopolitian India April 2013 - Tailor Made your Own Summer Body Scrub

Apr 11, 2013

As some of you might be aware that I was featured in the Fast Glam section of Cosmopolitan India April 2013 Edition. If not then jump to page 84 of your copy. And who do not have a copy can just see it here.

It all started when Priyam from Cosmo India mailed me on 12th March asking me if I can do a DIY beauty post. I could not believe my eyes when I read the mail. When I was back to Earth, I replied to her saying I can do it. Luckily I was thinking of doing a summer body scrubs, toning face packs and lips scrub post for the blog. I told her my idea and she told me to ahead with a body scrub.

[EDIT - Read about the Lips Scrub - DIY Lips Scrub]

But she mentioned it clearly- “Just please ensure your packaging is fabulous, as we'll be giving you a half-page in the magazine, so pictures need to be super cute”.

As many of you know, I have a very demanding 5 days job and so, I click pictures only on weekends. So, I decided to take a leave on 13th March. But cute pics? Cute pic needs cute things? And its mid-week! How will I buy even if I wish to? And then it came to my mind – it’s a DIY so, I should DIY!

I went to the kitchen and start searching for whatever that could help. The glass container had cheese spread, the pink and yellow spoons came when some floral containers, the red spoon was free with some red bowl I got last year from 99 Store, the small tubs were purchased a long time back to keep daily skincare products in my office bag. I BTW use contact lens cases to keep skincare because they are more sturdy.

To decorate? The elastic was brought a year back – a dozen for 39 INR from NewU shop. The green and blue strip of paper meant to write down the ingredients in case you gift it was from the tag of Westside. LOL.

I had to use something more in yellow because I know they use the black yellow background, so I used the yellow spoon from a sugar-free powder.

DIY Sugar Scrub Cosmopolitan India April 2013

Details On the Ingredients I am adding a few more details here so that you can customize for your need. The best thing about this DIY is you can skip at your will and add at your will. A tailor-made scrub for you - Taa Daaa

1. Sugar
a. Brown or White? I have used a white one because I didn't have enough powdered brown one to fill a bottle! So, you can use brown or white – I do not see any difference in action.

b. Powdered or Granules? Stick to powdered form for sensitive skin. Granules ones are better because it is more abrasive and also, act as an indicator. Scrub till the granules melt and save yourself from over-exfoliating.

2. Oats – Oats are a great binder. The good things in your scrub might not get much time to do some good for you. Keep this on your skin for a few minutes and oats help to make it act like a face pack. Oats in itself is also a very mind exfoliator so, no need to grind them up. I used Quaker Oats.

3. Coffee and Chocolate – Most people stick to one of them but I always like them together. Chocolate is greats for acne-prone and sensitive skin; protects from sun damage. Coffee reduces cellulite and brightens skin. Plus, the morning kick from coffee is great. I skip both in summer because I want fresher smell that I get from bath salts. I used Bru instant Coffee and Cadbury Drinking Chocolate here. I prefer to ground the coffee beans that you get in coffee shops.

4. Bath Salts – If coffee and chocolate is not your thing then add bath salt of your choice for a feel-good smell. Or use essential oils. The one I used here had no smell to act against coffee and chocolate. In summer, I use fresher aqua smells bath salts.

5. Honey – The natural source of Alfa Hydroxy Acid – think anti-aging, anti-wrinkle! I used an organic one that Daddy got for me from Arunachal Pradesh. Even the bees were on organic flowers which have never seen any chemicals. I treasure this honey.

6. Almond and Olive Oil – Both are great for sensitive skin and a great moisturizer. Skip them if you have super oily body skin. You can also use yogurt or milk but then do not keep it in the bottle. Mix them when you are about to use it.

How to Use - When you are ready to use this, mix all the ingredients with the spoon, take out a huge serving and enjoy the warm coffee and chocolate smell or the smell of bath salts or essential oil. Gently scrub till the sugar granules dissolve. Leave it on and let the oats help your skin take in the moisture from almond and olive oil.

Hope you liked it and make one for you.

And here is the pic I sent them to post. You should not expect anything when you click in a hurry right after you return from office in summer! So, however, I am looking - it is OK!
Repeat with me - ITS OKAYYYYYY

Shayoni Sweet And Bitter Cosmopolitan April 2013
Wearing Revlon Whipped Cream Warm Golden, MAC Dear Diary, Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner. I used some eyeshadow as a brow powder and some on lids from the Sleek Oh So Special. The Bow Print top is from Remanika.

Thanks to Priyam for the opportunity.
She was very clear with what she wants and it was great working with her.


I will do a post soon about that toning anti-acne face pack - using the same formula for last 15 years! I didn't for last one year, faced loads of issues and now I am back to the same. The only problem is that I am very busy these days. On top of it, Mr. Boy gave a surprise visit of 5 days and so, could not post anything. And I have loads of personal things to do this month, maybe even the NEXT month. Blogging will suffer but I will try my best to keep you entertained *wink*

And in other news - I told Mr. Boy that Priyam from Cosmo has contacted me and he was very happy about it. I kept my calm the entire time but lost it on 1st April. I told the boy to find a cosmo in Delhi when I could not spot one in 7 stores here in Kolkata. Even he failed but I realized that it was an All Fools Day so, I told him that I saw the mag but my entry is missing. Mr. Boy tried to cheer me up and I played my part of being sad and broken. When he came to Kolkata, we were walking down Park Steet, I said how other bloggers were published in Cosmo, etc and he tried to cheer me up again with some nonsensical stupid stories. When the stories reached my tolerance level, I picked up a Cosmo and opened page 84. Use your imagination for the rest of the story *wink*


  1. i will try this pack for sure n ur post piccys were so cute :)

  2. awww... loved ur DIY n ur pic is so cute :)
    great job:)

  3. I loved the diy but enjoyed the background story of how you created it are definitely one of the best writers in indian beauty blogsphere :)

    1. Thanks for liking the story. There are a lot of wonderful bloggers in Indian beauty community. Thanks a loootttttt for even considering me as one of them. LOVED your comment. Thanks a lot for making my day.

  4. I ve this issue & loved your article :) ice clicks BTW :)

  5. loved the DIY but loved your pictures even better.. so creative!!

    1. Thanks for appreciating Rajvi. The good words keep me going :)

  6. Fabulous DIY!! :)
    You're soooo creative! and congrats!! :)

  7. wow way to go girl!! :)
    great feature...congratulations and a great april fools trick :)

  8. Congratulations for being featured in Cosmo! And really,the jar presentationis super cute.

  9. You are super quirky and I love that....good stufff!!!

  10. That is amazing hun!! I havent left many comments recently but I do read and you totally deserve it! You photo's look fab and I love that you used everything from your own kitchen :-)

  11. Looks great, thanks for sharing. Love the photographs too.


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