Why I Love Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream Makeup 24Hrs with SPF 20 ( 320 Warm Goldnen Review )

Mar 30, 2013

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I am not a foundation person. My daily life does not even give me the liberty to use foundation so, I do not even but them. But I need to have them in case any emergency pops up. So, I had just one  with me. Lucky of me the shade was my exact shade so, I never had to go around searching for my ONE. But then Revlon lauched the Colorstay range and I could not stop myself. The other launched so far had shimmer or something to scare me away but this little tub seemed friendly. I always wished to get a mouse kinda thing and this fits.

I was confused between two shades. It was not what I should have done in my sane mind - I asked the SA and went with what she gave me. When I reached home, sanity hit me and I got scared. What if it is not my shade? I followed none of my rules that I had for my previous foundation!

So, when next day I applied it - I was in LOVE. BTW, now, I smile and greet the SA whenever I go to the shop.

There is no way you could resist dipping your fingers in it. I did it here just to tell you about the texture. See, how it made a dent? But within a minute the dent will be gone. Its thick but not dry. Not runny at well.


It come in a glass jar which seemed a bit non travel friendly but the jar IS the reason I got it so, should not complain.

But, I hated this white thing - easy gets messy, not strong enough - I am not happy with you Whitey!

 Priced at 800 for 30ml looks like a huge money to shell out but trust me it will last long. Consider it a good investment. The reason I didn't stopped myself even for a moment before getting them was also because they are not made in India but imported. So, surely better product.

Sweet Point
  • Long stay - I have wore for straight 9 hours as well and it looked as fresh as just applied even thought I didn't used any powder to set or any blot powder in between or even a primer as bases.
  • Does not settle on pores.
  • Gives a modern matte finish. Matte but not flat, does add a glow.
  • Has medium coverage. Its buildable to full coverage without looked cakey or as a mask. I used a duo fibre brush for application.
  • Smooth to apply. Glides smoothly without any hassles. Along with duo fibre brush, I have tried applying it with fingers (kinda my favorite) and a wet sponge (not a fan at all!) and it fared good in all ways.
  • Okay at 800 INR for 23.7ml because it will last really long and have great quality.
  • This didn't caused any breakout even for my sensitive skin. Do remember that I clean my face with two cleanser every night to prevent pimples. 
  • It has SPF 20. Do not worry, it does not mess with photographs. You can see me wearing this here - LINK
  • No shimmers.

Bad Point
  • Jar packing which you simply cannot toss around in your bag. I have shifted a bit of it to a empty lip gloss tub. You can use your old contact lens cases for the same. Actually I  always do this for moisturizers and cleansers which come in a jar/tub to avoid opening the main container repeatedly which can alter the texture and also can introduce germs. While I use the same containers everyday, the main jars are securely kept in a cool dark place. Trust me - things last long this way. I recently even did the same with soaps. Check it here - Store Soaps.
  • Limited shades in India. Lucky me who found the one.
  • Cannot use for undereye areas as it creases there.
  • It at times clings to dry areas like around the nose base when I directly wear it. I generally put a light moisturizer under it.

Overall  - I liked it a lot. I might repurchase but I will take more than 2 years to finish this as I do not use foundation in my everyday makeup. If you can invest 800 INR for this then go for it. If the shade is right then you might not even need another foundation again. This medium coverage with buildable to full coverage, is a champion.

Are you still finding the one foundation of your dream? You might like to read this - 101 Foundation Basics - How to Buy and Apply


Result of personality test

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