What I Did In Kitchen on Sunday

Mar 17, 2013

 If you opened this expecting to see a great recipe cooked by your beloved blogger then, I am sorry for misguiding dear.

Thing I did was - I cut my soaps - FINALLY....

The main reason you should always cut herbal /natural soaps is because most of them do not have preservatives or mild preservative. If you keep the whole bar in shower then it might get infected. Plus, the smell won't last longer and the ingredients won't be effective anymore as they are mild in action.

1. Cut them in different shapes to make it more fun in the shower. 

Read ahead to see how I organized my soaps.

2. Choose the pieces I need to keep.

3.Tried this method. Realized what a fool I am. Also realized that I need individual packs.

4. So, me being the queen of recycling, keep all packing material with me. I took them out and put the soaps in them. This time I also wrapped the soaps in kitchen towels to keep them fresh in hot humid weather. I kept the small soaps on top till I wrote the names on them.

5. Clubbed them together to be stored in a cool dry place. 

 6. Kept the soaps to be used in a old TBS body butter tub. Unlike most companies, TBS does not have to 'back to' scheme. I do not even see any recycling happening with them. But the plastics used are very strong. So, I reuse all the bottles and tubs from them.  

7. Seventh step? I ran away from kitchen before my mother would know I used the kitchen towels and her old knife. LOL


  1. Ohh just today i attended Soulflower's blog meet where they showed us how to make soaps, and I am sooo fascinated by the process. I am off to see the previous post about this in your blog now :)

    1. Just checked the other post, actually i thought you had made these.. hehe..

  2. He he this is such a fun DIY project, I too picked up some handmade soaps today from Nyassa am gonna hit the chop shop with them soon :)
    btw the cream & black Catwalk brogues you are looking for are available online at most sites just search for them online, i'm sure you'll get them xoxo

    1. You shurely must chop them up!

      I could not find those shoes anywhere for my size.

  3. Omg how have i never thought or heard of this ? haha gosh its simply wonderful ! Wasted so many bars of soap that went from yummy too yuck or simply melted away :(


  4. This is such an awesome post for storing and keeping hand made soaps fresher. Very very useful post. Can we keep the soaps in the fridge or would that affect their quality and smell too?

    Priyanka (The Purplenista)

    1. Also I absolutely love that you have written in bold about reusing old tubs. I do the same, use all those Fabindia face pack tubs and the TBS body butter tubs to store accessories and cosmetic stuff. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I am not sure about fridge because soaps have very strong smell and can alter with food. Even inside the wrapping, I can smell the lemongrass one when ever I cross near my cupboard.

      I love to recycle. And we all must for the planet. Instead of buying new cases or storage, we should always use these tubs because most tubs are super strong.

      Thanks Priyanka for doing your part. XOXOX :D

  5. hehe love the way you are so concerned and went all out to protect your herbal soaps..

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