Three Month Round-Up of Vellvette Box India with Indian Drama Twist

Mar 5, 2013

I received my January Vellvette Box items very very late. So, instead of doing a post for that, I thought of doing a round-up of what I got from my three months of subscription.

In case you are not aware of Vellvette Box (though chances are very slim for this) then, it’s a beauty box in India where you get 3 products from premium brands for 1099 for 3 months. I was excited when I saw what others got in their boxes – Lush products, Clinique Mascara and what not. I had to try and I did.

Lets a look what I got in the three months


November Vellvette Box - My first month box was a disaster with a broken lipstick in a bad shade and an anti ageing serum which even the SA from Elizabeth Arden said me not to use! There are a foaming face wash which was part of my giveaway.


December Vellvette Box - The second box was better not because of great products but because they send a product to say sorry for the broken product. There was also a lip color (not a great trendy color) from an unheard brand. There was a Clarins products which the SAs from Clarins confirmed me that it works best (read - works only when) used with other product from the same range. Maybe that was because the SA was not happy to give free wisdom and tell the truth - I will never know! The fact that it comes out as a glob has never impressed me so, its still the way it was - unused...not loved. The best product was the body mist but I could not use it in January and now I have to wait for winters again to enjoy its warm smell.


January Vellvette Box - Benefit!!! Lancome!!! I am preserving both of them. The Nyassa Sugar Scrub was received by EVERYBODY. Its just a mixture of huge sugar mixed with some chocolate powder and maybe some oil and glycerin which seeps out the container whenever it get any chance. It even peed a little because I made it stand for the photo. LOL


The Indian Drama Twist - While I was waiting for the January Box in first week of February and had already subscribed for the next 3 months, I gave it a thought - is it worth it? The price, the wait, the suspense??? (By that time the Benefit and Lancome was not there.) Some sanity came to my mind and I decided to cancel my 3 month subscription. I cancelled it and the Vellvette Box guys being the best on the planet, refunded me the whole amount by 6th Feb. FYI The start shipping by 20th of each month. Where is the twist? I still got my Feb Box! I called them 4 times to take it back because I do not want to keep something that I have not paid for but, they have not returned my calls so far. I am not sure if I should be happy or sad here.

Interested to know what I got in Feb? The same product that everyone in India got or maybe whichever blog I have read got the exact same things as mine. So, most depressing in the box - though 2 out of 3 are full sized - everyone got the same products! There was a questionnaire... no?

[EDIT - I got a call from them. They said I can keep my box with me without any worries as a gift from them. They thanked me for reaching out to them and pointing out a issue in their system. There was another case of cancellation that month but it was COD so, the box was not sent. As mine was prepaid, the box was sent out without much rechecks]

I might not be continuing for some time...maybe until I spot something really sexy in someone's box. I am happy with what they are doing. Going ahead with such concept in India is tough. I salute them. But, maybe by my not-so-great-luck, I didn't felt too great about what all I have received.


How is your story so far with Vellvette Box? Love them...Hate them...or Cannot live without?


  1. Love the way uve done this post...and ur scrub peed...hehehe..
    Really liked what I got in my jan n feb boxes...have taken a 6mnth renewal.

  2. Great post! You're right about everyone getting the same products.. probably it's because they are still new, but it shows they aren't taking the questionnaires seriously :(. Even though I love them, I wont be subscribing for a while too I think :(

  3. You got some amazing products. I don't like the Feb box. Not sure if I should subscribe any further or not.

  4. Love the peeing scrub description! that scrub totally sucks.its way too coarse and the other products arent any better.though I have received OPI and clinique both of the things im very happy with.the questionnaire was probably to know why you decided to un unsubscribe with them.....


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