The Most Astonishing Hand Cream Ever? Soap and Glory Hand Food Review

Mar 7, 2013

 Soap and Glory Hand Food Review

Whenever the UK bloggers do a post with the pink soap and glory products, I used to feel very very sad because there was no soap and glory in India. When Sephora came to India, this was one of my top brands to discover. I had loads of things in my must-buy-list-from-Soap-&-Glory but most were out of stock (or was not even launched here in India). So, I got only one product - Soap and Glory Hand Food


But where is marshmellow? Can you spot it?

Price - 390 INR for 50ml. Available at Sephora India.

It has mashmellows in it!! Picture yourself applying liquid mashmellows......too sticky? Well this one is not! Its nice soft textured and absorbs quickly leaving nice skin. Not silky like you smashed a load of silicon. Not as fast as the face shop ones but still quick enough. Hands does fell moisturized after use but maybe because it dries so quickly it does not help very dry cuticles. In fact I found this a bit ineffective towards them. The most amazing this about this is definitely the smell. The fragrance last for long. I am unable to put a name to this smell.

Sweet Points
  • Great smell
  • Smooth feeling but not silicony
  • Great for normal skin types
  • Light and absorbs easily. Apply it and you can start touching everything you love :)
  • Extremely cute packing. Not a huge fan of pink but fan of Soap and glory for the very girly retro and sophisticated packing all products.
  • Travel friendly with strong flip top. No spillage, no leaks.

Bitter Point
  • Availabily and price is issue in India. 390 INR for 50ml but €2.93 (209 INR) in Soap and Glory UK Yup, its almost double here in India!
  • Not at all for dry or very dry skin. Will have to reapply a lot of times to retain moisture level and prevent cuticles from drying. On a very serious note - you might even get addicted! There are days when I have reapplied this 6-7 times! LOL
  • Haven't noticed any repairing effect.

I might repurchase if I ever get to haul Sephora again but I am always looking out for more products to experiment with. I am also using the face shop hand cream, the body shop cranberry hand cream and Vaseline hand and nail cream currently.

Have you tried this?


  1. i finished mine last month..but im not planning planning a repurchase..coz i only liked the fragrance and nothing else :(

  2. I do feel tempted to try this but I have reaklly stocked up on my fave hand cream, L'Occcitane Shea butter and Lavender hand creams. They are excellent!
    I want to try the Soap and Glory Kohls though. Have read really good things about those.

  3. Nice review but it's definitely not for me. Mine is dry skin :/

  4. i really want to buy this but its sephora is not in mumbai :(

  5. Can you let me know where can I find this product in Mumbai

    1. I don't think its available anywhere other than Sephora in India. I have not even seen Soap and Glory products in the shops which keep imported products

  6. Can you let me know where can I find this product in Mumbai

  7. hoping to try this soon! im going through a hand cream phase at the moment!


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