The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Perfume Oil and Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT from Voyage International Perfume Collection

Mar 17, 2013

I was very excited about the Voyage Collection by TBS and when I found them on off last year, I could not resist.  I am feeling a bit awkward talking about them now because I wonder if they are still available at stores. I have almost used half of the EDT.......its that late to review this!

I wish to get the perfume oils for both but I could find that only for Indian Night Jasmine. For Japanese Cherry Blossom, I got the EDT version. 

What TBS says...

Indian Night Jasmine - Escape to India with night jasmine. Inspired by a moonlit night in a Mughal garden, this seductive, feminine eau de toilette from our Scents of the World fragrance collection is a blend of floral and oriental accords. Oriental scent. Layer with other Indian Night Jasmine products to build the fragrance. Blend two scents from the collection to create your own fragrance. 

Japanese Cherry Blossom - Escape to Japan with cherry blossom. Inspired by a spring day in Kyoto, this romantic, captivating eau de toilette from our Scents of the World fragrance collection features a blend of floral and hinoki wood accords. Fruity-floral scent. Layer with other Japanese Cherry Blossom products to build the fragrance. Blend two scents from the collection to create your own fragrance.

Now even they agreed that it needs layering to last got a good amount of time! 

Price in India
  • EDT at 1395 INR for 50 ml 
  • Perfume Oil for 795 INR for 15 ml

Packaging - The perfume oil comes with a wand and EDT as a sealed spray.

Frankly I love the smell for both. So, lets compare on the formula -  EDT and perfume oil part.

The EDT has no lasting power. I apply it and by the time I catch my bus, its gone! woof. That's the reason I have used up half of it. I have almost taken bath in it once to make it last on me! Its not even like the mist plastic bottle that you can carry around everywhere. It has a bulky glass bottle. For even the 20% off price I paid for this, I paid too much. This is not even worth buying at 50% off!

The perfume oil is great. Its concentrated and so, very little is required. The bottle even if its made of glass is small and not much heavy. Just make sure not to touch the wand with your cloth or body. Its alcohol free and almost like ittar. Not everyone can deal with ittars / concentrated perfumes. I personally love the heavier versions because I can play with them easily.  I have even used it mixed with moisturizer once and it lasted for long. Even spread a few drops around the room when I was in sudden need of room fresher! If you have experience with ittar and know how to make the most of of them, then you gonna love this little boy. For 795 INR for 15 ml is a okay-okay deal. You can get real ittars at a lower price in India.

I wish I could buy more perfume oils, specially for Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Overall - I would never recommend the EDT to anyone. I wonder how bad the body mists might be! You can try the perfume oils if you are well versed on the dos and don'ts of handing ittar /perfume oil.

I will never anything other than the perfume oils. And that too if I get huge discount on them.


  1. Best prices for perfumes.. no look back..

    WOW... I love MyDeals247 model - they create competition among the sellers real-time.


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