Summer is Here

Mar 12, 2013

Hence, all my Lush products have decided to keep the party in the refrigerator. Joining the party are some Iraya face masks and scrubs. I didn't had great views about them but giving them another chance. Got them in Jan. There is also a Aloe Vera gel tub. You must always have one in your refrigerator if you have sensitive or prone to sun burn/tanning.

Ohh and there are always some fruit juices - My Fav for summer? After mints drinks, the thing I like most are Litchi. I know the packaged ones are not healthy but then I get bored of drinking so much plain water and need some icy cold beverages at times. I also love butter milk.

I also have some more changes 

  • All my current body shop body butters - Coconut, Ginger Sparkle and Passion fruit (still in 2 minds about this one) are out of my closet and into the storage now. I will be using FabIndia Green Tea. I used it last year as well and I got a new one now.

  • All my soaps and shower gels with warm smells - Palmolive Coconut, Enliven Vanilla Coconut, Enliven Raspberry Apple, Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Soap, etc are out of shower shelves and into storage. I have got something from Soulflower and some soaps from FabIndia. 
  • Also, all my fancy or warm jammies are out and given way to comfortable cotton ones. In fact, I am heading out now to buy some cotton wears.

Any updates at your end?


  1. Love the pic...very creative :)
    We're already sweltering in the Bombay heat and humidity.

  2. There is something about ur post that makes me wish that I were in India right now...Alas that's not possible but il hopefully be visiting during the season I hate most..i mean the monsoons.......dirt dirt everywhere!!!!

    1. ohhh dear. But we will be waiting for monsoons soon when the heat will be beyond our tolerance limits. And monsoons seriously are bad times to visit India as you won't be able to go anywhere - water puddles, dirt and more water puddles LOL


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