Pictorial - How To Wear Nail Art Stickers

Mar 28, 2013

Here is how I wear nail art stickers. The one showed here is L'Oreal Python.

Excuse my yellow nails. Thanks to the straining caused by Revlon Sassy. From now on, I will keep distance from all Revlon greens. Forest Green also strained my nails.

Read beyond the jump to know the details and safety measures to make the sticker last longer.

1. You will need - the nail art sticker of your choice, tweezers and a curved tip safety scissors. You can use a small scissor as well. 

2. Decide which size will fit which nail. 

3. Take off the sticker using tweezers  This is to ensure that only a small part of the sticker it touched. If you use fingers then you might mess with the glue and reduce its staying power.

4. Put the sticker on middle of the desired finger. Slowly press the left and right side to adjust to the curve of your nail.

5. Cut the extra sticker with a curved scissor. The curved scissor guides well along the curve of your nail.

6. Read step 3 to 5 for the other fingers. And you are DONE! You can file if you want to in the end to give a smoother look.


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