New Product - Deborah Milano 24 Ore Perfect Eye Primer Smoothing Eye Shadow Base Review

Mar 17, 2013

Ever got stuck with a eye shadow which has the perfect color of your choice but have no pigmentation or massive fall out? I know you have and to solve that you need a eye primer. 

Now, the choices in Indian markets are not huge. Plus, the ones available are either 
  • come in tubs which I feel is super unhygienic for anything that is for your EYE 
  • have a massive price tag attached that not everyone can buy
  • has a color of its own which I dislike a lot

So, I never owned any any primers. Until 2 weeks back, I found this little black tube

"Hey, Meet me. I am the new eye primer from DM."

(curiously) "Okkkayyy but do you sit inside a tub?"

"No, I love my tube body."

(doubtful) "Then, you might be expensive?"

"No,  just 495 INR for 8ml."

"Just 8ml? Then you will leave me soon..."

"I am very light and do not have color. So, you do not have to cover our lids with me. You will need a very very very little amount for each time"

(excited) "So, you mean to say that you do not exist in just one shade which might not suit me or most people?"

"Nah Darling. I am transparent."

(uncontrolled excitement) "Yeahhhh, come home with me 
Dorah Milano 24 Ore Perfect Eye Primer Smoothing Eyeshadow Base"

"Hello Cupcakes, I am DM Eye primer. I am smoothing eyeshadow base that locks in eyeshadow, eyepencil, eyeliner all day long. I do not crease."

"You can get me at DM outlets at most SS in India. I will live for 3 years which is a good time to live for something that you darling might need everyday and come in a 8 ml tube'

"And just because this girl ...what her name? yes, Shayoni is obsessed with ingredients, here is to show what I am made of. Inspite of being a eye primer, I do not have too many silicons. I hope this girl is happy with this"

"Hey hey hey....u have Sodium Chloride! Whats that doing in a eye primer? It might stung my eyes!!!'

"Have I ever stung you ?"

(in decreasing volume) "Nooooo"

"My makers might have put it for perfecting my consistency"

"Here, How I am  and how much you will need for one eye if you are doing a very heaving makeup or both for light everyday makeup. This stupid girl forgot to take pics after she put it on her skin. Maybe because I blend and disappear because she could take her camera and take a pic"

"Look at the pop I gave to colors of  NYX I dream of St Lucia. This girl loves this palette but frankly its does not have any pigmentation. So, look what I did for her. She was super delighted I must say"

"Shayoni has tested me. want to say something?"

"Well dear, you said it all but here what I must share with your cupcakes.....this DM EP is  F-Amazing! Let's sum up all the points. Shall we?"

Sweet Points

  • Comes in tube
  • Has no 'shade' to worry about
  • Affordable for a functional eye primer
  • Light and does not feel like I am having anything on my lids.
  • Pops the low pigmented eye shadows.
  • Does to coat your lids with eyeshadow but adhere the little your apply and make the colors prominent.
  • Reduces fall out to almost zero (I have wore it for 4-5 hours most of the time)
  • Talks and call you cupcake!...just kidding *wink*

Bitter Points

  • People who love to cover their pigmented lids with a 'shade' in the primer might not be delighted. But it will make your eyeshadow prominent and opaque. Do check once in store about this part for your preference.
  • Talks and scold me for questioning the ingredient list...again just kidding *wink*. I am seriously wondering what sodium chloride should be in a eye primer. Sodium Chloride are generally used in shampoos or shower gels to thicken the consistency - the reason they sting when it enters your eye. Luckily this haven't stung my eyes. Sensitive eyes should check on it.
  • Not sure how super oily lids might react. Maybe I will realize when the temperature will increase more and it will become very humid here.

Will I repurchase? Sure but I am surely this alone will last for long because I won't need it every single day. I generally use Sleek Oh So Special or Physicians Formula N*de Strip most days which have good color pigmentation and low fall out. I might use is under kohls in summer to make the lousy ones last longer. i have to finish the lousy ones also right?

Do I recommend? Just a look at the sweet and bitter points and realize for your own needs.

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