New Product Alert! Deborah Milano Pret a Porter, 24 Ore Perfect Eye Primer, Cream Blush, Etc

Mar 3, 2013

I was very happy to spot these yesterday - Deborah Milano Pret A Porter with the Crackle ones. When the world is over with crackle and I personally is bored of them, what made me check them out is, they are not just black or white but in many colors. And not only colors but also ...wait for it...glitter!!! Plus, the price is just 175 INR unlike the unrealistic prices that companies have here. Yes, the bottle is small with just 4.5 ml but who has finished their black/white crackle yet??

I didn't cared much for the normal nail colors so, here are the crackle ones from the range. There are 10 in total I think but I could see only 7 - a pale golden, a black with multi color glitter, a blue with glitter, a color similar to Shine Tech 60 swatched HERE, a pinkish ivory beige, a pink and a taupe.

I got 4th, 5th and 6th from right.

The other things launched are  6-7 matte blushes which seemed good, a cream blush with no shimmer which I am wondering now why it was not billed (mental note : go and get it!), waterproof mascara, etc short loads of things that I do not even remember NOW!

And ohhh yes, thanks to the sneaky pics I clicked from my mobile, the 3 makeup cleansers

  •  Deborah Milano Dermolab cleansing creamy milk for 495 INR
  •  Deborah Milano Clean Skin - makeup remover for eyes and lips - a biphase makeup remover for 350 INR for 200ml (On my shopping list)
  •  Deborah Milano Dermolab Cleansing Moisturizing Gel for 425 INR 
You can see more details for the cleanser here.

Spotted or tried any of them? You might be bored of the crackle nail polish but I am very excited for now so, will share it shortly.

[EDIT - The pink and beige swatched HERE ]


  1. Which counter is this Shayoni? Need to visit asap!

    1. south city shoppers stop! In case you visit do tell her about me :) Had to plead her a lottttt to get me those clicks LOL

      I might visit again today!

    2. Ah! Bhabchhi ghure ashchhi ektu pore! Ekdin cholo meet kori South Citytei!

  2. wow!!! I was about to but colorbar crakle paint yesterday but dint wanted to shell 500 bucks for it! Thank god! I dint get it now :) I m going for Deborah crackle paints now!!


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