Need Free Scrublet? Pond's Deep Clean Facial Foam Comes With Free Scrublet ( Review Swatch Photos )

Mar 21, 2013

Give me the names - Volcanic, Charcoal, Black Sand, Activated - and I am sold.

On top of have the word 'Volcanic Clay', it also has a scrublet with it. Okay, the scrublet because the I always try to try the L'Oreal ones which retails for around 400 INR and I saw this along with the scrublet for just 79 INR. How could I not buy it?

Claims by Pond's 

"Reduces blackheads in just 7 days."

Ponds introduces its advanced Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with unique Volcanic Clay, which is highly absorbent and acts as a powerful magnet. It draws out oil and dirt from deep within the skin, and with the soft but hard-working beads, aids in unclogging pores helping to visibly reduce blackheads. Skin is deeply and effectively cleansed to look smooth and magnetically beautiful.


75 INR for 50 ml
79 INR for 50 ml ( with scrublet ) - Just 4 INR for the scrublet!


Wondering about Myristic Acid? Its safer - much safer than SLS and SLES. Even FDA has approved it to be used as a food additive! You can read more here in you are deeply interested. Overlook the thing related to 'whale'.

Now tell me one thing - where do you see the volcanic clay? They referred to Kaolin. Yes, Kaolin one of the seven types of volcanic clay. And Kaolin is present almost in all oil absorbing product! Talk about deceiving the public!

Scrublet - Main reason for buying for buying this (other than Volcanic Clay)
  • It looks the same like the ones that come with L'Oreal. 
  • Made of rubber. 
  • Its soft and not abrasive  
  • Works perfectly. I used it with scrubs, cleansers and face wash. I can understand the hype attached to it. 
  • Sadly, it itself gets dirty easily.

Pond's No Blackhead Deep Clean Facial Foam With Unique Volcanic Clay

By now you might have realized that I have absolutely no interest in the face wash. 

I do not even use face wash. I generally keep them with me because they come in tight tube, easy to travel and works as a perfect non-drying handwash - yes, that what I do with FACE washes.
  • Its thick. 
  • I feel it does nothing for the blackheads
  • Its just a face wash that take off the oil from your face. 
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin or dry skin.  

Will I Buy Again? I always have the Scrublet now. Why will I buy this again?

Do I Recommend - Yes, if you need the scrublet. You can try the face wash if you need ta face wash for the sake of a face wash, tight on budget and have oily skin. Otherwise, forget it!

I got them in December. In case you are wondering why reviewing this all of sudden then let me tell you that I found something else which have one of loved my key words in skincare.


  1. I need the crublet lol..i guess i'l buy this for that

  2. good I saw your review, I saw it today. I was thinking it was a good option, but now I see , let me stay with natural remedies for this problem

  3. My St. Ives apricot scrub is almost over, and I was looking for a new scrub to try.. Had my eyes on this one, but thankfully I read your review, and now I know it's to be skipped!


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