Long Lasting Glossy Pink Lipstick - Revlon Lovesick ( 020 Passionnee) Just Bitten Kissable Balm Strain

Mar 16, 2013

Meet the bright pink lipstick of your dreams that last loooooong. I am already in love with Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Strain. I already have Revlon Rendezvous (orange) and I promised that I will buy the pink and here it is -

 Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Strain in LOVESICK.

Beautiful pink. No? It last. I just wish the gloss was a bit less that this.... its tough to make a girl happy!

Here Mr Lovesick with Miss Rendezvous.

Miss Rendezvous was from USA and Mr Lovesick from India. So, Mr Lovesick has a additional wrapped on top for the import details. Underneath it, its the same like Miss Rendezvous. You can see ingredient list and all other details.

And, you dare ask me why I named the Pink one Mr ?
Maybe because of the name? Maybe because I took over the cloths? Not-interested-in-taking-off-girls-cloth! 
Okay you got me.....I simply don't have the answer. So, do not ask me...okayyyy PLEASE do not ask me.

I already is in love with Revlon Just Bitten because they are pigmented for a gloss and last much longer for than any gloss that I have encountered. This is a blessing for people with pigmented lips who want to make lips pink/orange for longer. You can read the entire review, price and details about them here - Revlon Just Bitten - Perfect Balm and Strain Hybrid

Now, I need a shade lighter than this which does not have any pluminess or cool toned. I need one more shade in pink for sure. Okay.........yesssss...I am almost addicted to them! Wish they were a leeeetle less than 600 INR....would have got all the pinks! The lights in the stores are super confusing. 


  1. they are looking awesome ..looking lovely on your lips..

  2. Awesome colour. Gr8 pigmentation too. Want to get these but I recently counted my lippies...56!!! I think I need to control my makeup purchases now.

    1. Your comment is inspiring me to count but I should never ever never count them! I have collected too many. I might come to know that I have some shopping disorder for lipsticks. LOL

  3. The lip swatch looks droolworthy... what an awesome color :)


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