Ikat Nail Art with Revlon Sassy and Colorbar Turquise (Green and Blue) with Tutorial

Mar 16, 2013

The result of a bored Friday night - Nail art! I made them 3 in the night (or morning?)
I seriously realized how tough it is to be messy!

Read more for tutorial and color details.

Tutorial for Ikat Nail Art

Follow from little to middle finger.

Put the base color first - green for me. Then, the blue one. Mark with white dots.
Most difficult part - use a nail art pen or a eyeliner with slim tip and start messing the borders in single direction for all nails - I did top-bottom.
Follow with a top coat.

Do let me know when you try this

Colors Used
Revlon Sassy (Green)
Colorbar Top Coat 

The Top coat managed to ruin things AGAIN. It started forming bubbles while drying. I seriously need to look for other options now.

Which top coat and base coat do you use? Please share...


  1. wow.....gorgeous my girl.....its my fav next to the vintage roses one u created:))

    1. awww thanks for the inspiring comment. I know u have loved that one a lot. Thanks dear.

  2. i thought u put sum stickers on ur nail in first look..u made it very nicely...looks neat ikat print...good job done

    1. u are the second person who said this today!

      There was a girl buying the loreal stickers and I helped her to decide. Then she asked me - 'I also need the stickers you are wearing.' The SA knew me and said - 'she does all this herself.' I was actually flying for a moment!

      And you said it again. They looked great before top coat and I am actually personally not happy with what happened after top coat. :D

      Thanks Aangan for the super sweet comment.

  3. That mani is oh so groovy-love the boho tribal pattern!

  4. great mani idea Shayoni...perfect ikat design...wish I was half as talented or my hands obeyed my mind so nicely :P

    1. LOL....i know what you mean...i have faced that a lotttt myself

  5. this looks really good..I love ikat anything :)

  6. You know , my first impression of this nail art was that its a nail foil...gosh its hard to believe that its done with hands..awesome work shayoni..it look gorgeous.!! Would defo try it :))

  7. this one is really pretty but seems bit difficult..


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