DIY - Storage Drawers Using Beauty Box for Makeup or Stationery

Mar 24, 2013

DIY Storage Drawers using Beauty Box
 I made this more than a month back. Being a religious blogger who just clicks and forgets, I did the same. Today while searching for something, I bumped into this. So, I made it more pretty and presentable with the ribbons and clicked few more picture. Thanks to the good response you gave in FB, I made this collage etc for you guys. I hope you make this one with your old vellvette boxes which might be collecting dust otherwise.

Looks good?

Read beyond the jump to see the step by step how-to.

I tried to make myself clear hear but then I was limited by space in the picture. I hope you get my point *wink*. If not, then please comment.

I luckily had some ribbon with me but best is to use the ones that they give with the boxes. Recycling at its best!

How to make Storage Drawers with Beauty Boxes

To protect the drawers, you can use the pink sheet that comes with vellvette box as a dust guard. So, when it gets dirty, you can just replace the sheet. Voila!

Liked this post? Do let me know. I will search my computer for more DIY posts. LOL.

 *** EDIT ***


If you are attempting this ( THANK YOU ) then please mail me (sweetandbitterblog at the link or image with your name and city. I will feature them in Sweet And Bitter Blog linking it back to your blog or FB (which ever you feel right)


  1. I LOVED IT!
    i had been thinking of doing a DIY with the vellvette boxes by joining them n making one big box with sections but this is better:)
    n i have 6 boxes by now so i can make two like these!! thankooo soo much for this :* <3

      You are getting them for 6 months now? You can have cute twin drawers now. I am glad I helped :D

    2. hey, i have a little query...when u put the ribbon, how did u secure it in the back side? with tape or something?
      what i did was, i made two holes n put the ribbon in 1 hole n looped it in the other n tied a knot at the back its good but i want to do ur method:P
      do let me know:) thanks!

    3. I have made just one hole but the whole is very small. As a result the ribbon does not come out of its own. I have not taped or glued it because that way, I won't be able to change the ribbon when it gets dirty after days of use. Your method is great. Do share the link/images

  2. Oh, cool!
    I like DYI-things!
    I made my cosmetics boxes in papier-mache techniques :)

    1. I always wanted by never tried papier-mache. Will do soon to make jewelry boxes. Thanks for inspiring.

  3. nice diy :)
    i keep my velvet boxes as they are bcz i do a lot of moving around n its easier for me to pack them.
    but i love what u hv done

  4. ooo dts lot of work....but looks v pretty....can u make one 4 me :p

  5. Amazing creativity gal..I'm def gonna try making this.
    Not sure if it wud turn out to be soo good:(
    You should def post/share this with Vellvette, who knows you might get a bonus sample:D


    1. Thanks Sonia. I will share it. Only thing is I already have bonus box with me. Read here

  6. Oh I loved this fully...will try this and post on my blog...and will send u link ;)

  7. I love this. Will definitely try and mail you the link :)

  8. Wow! This is really good and very creative. I've been stacking up my boxes, now I know what to do with them! Great job!

  9. Great DIY, love the box it looks so cute, will definitely try this..

  10. Wow iam definitely gonna try this it looks amazing keep up the good work gurl

  11. dont these boxes fall out when you pull them out too much ? i have kids in my place and they tend t pull out everything they see

  12. Hi, I am Lisa a Makeup Artist Brisbane. I really like your blog. I wonder that how you chose this unique name " Sweet and Bitter Blog". You are really very creative dear.... I think if heavy base can be used to hold the drawers then it would be more steady and durable. Overall ..... great work..... Hats off to you.


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