Burt's Bees Orange Extract Facial Cleanser with Orange Oil Review Photos Swatch

Mar 26, 2013

Love Oranges? Same here. High Five. 

But, considering that it's summer now, luckily I have this cleanser which looks and smells like orange jam. And on top of it, Oranges are great for skin. 

I got Burt's Bees Orange Extract Facial Cleanser with Orange Oil from Sephora India this January. I am not a face wash person but Burt's Bee face washes attracted me. Then, I found this and skipped the face wash.  Even the SA suggested this one. 

What attracted me most about this is the ingredients list. Just 12 ingredients and all natural. I trust Burt's Bee and hence, they have it mentioned - 100% Natural

Ingredients - Vegetable Glycerin, Olive Oil, Orange Oil, Oat Flour, Lanolin, Oat Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Vegetable Oil & Beta-carotene, Tocopheral (Vitamin E), Quillaja Extract (*see product details), Rosemary Leaf Oil

*(from ingredient list) Quillaja is derived from the Chilean endemic tree Quillaha saponaria. It is used as a natural soap, cleanser, and foaming agent and contains antioxidants and proteins.

How I Used the Orange Cleanser from Burt's Bee - I used to wash my face with water. Spread this on my face. Keep it on and enjoy the orangy smell. Yup, LOVE ORANGE. Then massage lightly with fingers or a washcloth. Washed it off. It was pretty much the same that is mentioned in the tube.

Does it work? 

Easy to wash - When I used it for the first time I was not sure it will be washed off using plain water. How could this much oil just go away with water? But it did. Thanks to the aloe (or oat flour maybe). I never used cold water but only lukewarm or normal water.

Cleaning - It cleans out  light makeup. For something heavy, keep it a bit longer and massage. Its gentle so, I have not even tested it  against heavy waterproof makeup. But, then its not a makeup remover! 

After cleaning effects - Skin feels light and moist because of the natural oils. It soaked in and removed the natural oil from the skin leaving behind a smooth feeling. No patched tight feeling that soaps give - as it promised.

Skin Type - It worked great for my sensitive combination skin.  Something makes me feel it will work for all skin types.

Smell - The orange smell lingers for long.

Word of Caution - Do not use near eyes. EVER. Your beloved blogger almost had to sacrifice her eyes while she tried to test it.

Burts Bee  Orange Cleanser - Thick Orange Jelly. Yummm

Price of Burts Bee in India

Price - 900 INR for 123 g.

And the only reason I do not use it daily cleanser! I fear to finish it up. Plus, I have to travel 1500 kms to buy  it. LOL. Or worse - force Mr. Boy to visit Sephora....again.....alone!

Or...............maybe MAKE it myself! What say? Will you to interested in that?

I use it as a PAMPER-ME product. Yesssss, LOVE oranges.

  • No patched tight feeling that soap cleansers give
  • Easy to wash with lukewarm or normal water
  • Cleans out  light makeup
  • Gentle
  • Sensitive skin can use this
  • I can skip the moisturizer after use
  • Orange smells which lingers for long. This might be a con if you hate oranges.

  • Not effective against makeup. But then it's a cleanser and not a makeup remover.
  • Not for very oily skin.
  • Costly ( 900 INR for 123 gms. My Lush Aqua Marina cleanser for oily skin is for 585INR is for 100gm )
  • Availability is a huge issue.

Overall - I love it. I love it so much that I fear that I might finish it soon!

Do I recommend? Yes, only as a pampering product if you love Oranges. 


  1. first piccys are too good :) and tis one sounds good btw price price!! ... nicee revu :)

    1. just for my price, I cannot keep it in my daily skincare routine :(

  2. nice review...i wish sephora comes to mumbai soon

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  5. nice giveaway and i hope to be winner this time


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