Amish's Book Signing Event for 'The Oath of the Vayuputras' in Kolkata

Mar 7, 2013

I read a lot (LOT). I never buy paper books because I get ebooks for my Kindle. But still I visit book stores just to see what's new. There are online forums but then in store I get to read few pages before I can decide. Today, when I went to Starmark, I found Amish there, giving an interview for the new release which after a lot of drama, dreams and delays is out in the market now - 
the FINAL book from The Shiva's Triology  - The Oath of the Vayuputras.

I had the previous two as well but I left them at Mr. Boy's home before leaving from Delhi. I grabbed a copy  and asked for a autograph. He was sweet enough to get a pic clicked. Thank God it was Thursday and hardly any crowd in the store OR I was super late and everyone left by that time! Either way, I got a signed copy AND a pic with his.

*does a crazy dance on imaginary tunes*

I look like a house maid (even worse!) in the pics. I know that! So, please do not laugh! Okay..only very little....sighhhh....I should have opened my hair......or dressed better....or some least washed my face!!! God! Why you do like this with me all the time?

 Have you completed the Shiva's trilogy?

In case you are not aware of the Shiva's Trilogy then read about it here. The latest book is here.


  1. Hehe...lucky u ^_^ I couldn't help grinning at that part when u r accusing God of the injustice :P
    I saw Amish when I went for Amitav Ghosh's Session at the book fair...he was also present in the audience. It is a really lovely feeling getting to meet your fave authors :)

    1. I was really really sad. On top of it, I cannot ask for another click as well no? Have to bear with this.

  2. Finished the book a few days ago and loved it. One particular chapter really got tears to my eyes. Very beautifully written. Unfortunately couldn't go for the book launch in Bombay...lucky u got to meet him :)

    1. Yes, he was complaining about the book launch in Bombay - he sighed 9000 books that day! He said his hand was paining for days...LOL


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