Thanks Shoppers Shop for the 10,000 INR Vouchers

Feb 17, 2013

Last year around Diwali, Shoppers Stop hosted a contest in I participated and as many of you might be aware that the post I submitted was chosen to be the 1st Runner Up at Pan India level.

Which post? In case you missed it then please have a look here - 3 Looks for Today's Women

Which contest? This one - Shoppers Stop Perfect Look

Now, right after I got this great news, I told Mom and Mr BF. Because the amount was high for a prize that you received just by arranging few pictures in a order, they said the exact same thing - You might have to spend 10 times of this to actually use these. Also, there was no mail from Shoppers Stop what I won!

I mailed IndiBlogger and there was no reply. So, I thought of forgetting about this completely. Yes, THAT heartbroken.

Last week, on my birthday, I spotted an envelop on near by TV. Because I receive a lot of parcels and posts, everyone in my family have learnt to ignore everything I receive and this envelop got no love from them. I tore it apart just to find loads of gift voucher in them. All valid for a year from now. I was super duper happy but still felt too good to be true so, I went to Shopper Stop yesterday and 3 earring. The starfish one I am wearing in the pics is from there.

Clause? I can buy anything expect watches, electronics and gold.

And please don't think I am show off because its not everyday that I win something BIG. So, excuse me for the cheesy pics.

So, just one more

I still cannot believe I WON!


  1. Haha you look so adorable in those pics...and your excitement is coming through...:P
    And no show off there...i would done even crazier stuff had i won that :P
    Congrats again :D :D

    1. awww..thanks dear..I was a bit nervous before posting because I felt some might think me as a showoff :P

      Thanks for the BOOST

  2. That's not cheesy at all!!
    BIG Congratulations and have fun :D

  3. CONGRATS!! Your cute pics made me smile! Have fun with the vouchers and come right back and show us what you hauled :)

  4. Congrats and I loved these pics! U gotta show wht you bought

  5. Hey thats great! Congrats! Dont forget the haul post!

  6. haha!!! i loved the photos! u luk so cute! n congrats on the win!!! njoy your shopping!

  7. wow!! love these pics.. you look so cute! congrats on winning girl!

  8. I love the pictures! And congratulations!! :D

  9. Congratulations! You must feel so good :)
    Enjoying all the shopping!

    I jump in joy with you!!!!
    CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS !!!!!!


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