Revlon US Lipsticks Better Than Revlon India?

Feb 5, 2013

Since I moved to Delhi, I have met many girls in my office who were not makeup freaks but the moment anyone had to visit USA (at times even to any European countries), they would hand over a long list of makeup from Revlon. Later, I found that the price difference was huge and also the quality was far better. I was not a fan a Revlon then (this was 3 years back. Now, I love them) so, I never bothered much.

It all started when I badly needed a orange blush. I was not using any blush for the past 6-7 month so, I really wanted to try something new for winter. I found the Revlon Photoready Cream Blushes Coral Reef but I didn't wanted to wait till another six months before they are launched in India [Edit 09/01/14 - Not launched in India yet].

So, along with it and other products, I also purchased a lipstick - Revlon Primrose - a very loved lipstick in blogsphere.

I remember that Revlon products were produced in India only and I had previously wondered how they would have to provide 100% same quality. So, here are the differences I found 

1. There is a ingredient list – Yes, there is a ingredient list. Also, some additional information is mentioned like date of manufacture and to be used till what date, etc on a white tag pasted on the cap. Indian one has no tag as such. No mention of where it is made, no dates, no ingredients – NOTHING.

2. Finishing – The US one is of better finishing and have smoothed out edges. The Indian one was just left the way it came out of the molding case. 

3. Not that this make any point but the golden part is of lesser width in the US one – not a point that make any difference.

4. Texture – Now this is very important but I feel that I should not compare here because I got a different colors – most bands, even high ends differ at times on quality, finish and texture. I thought of buying the exact color that I already have but what will I do of two pieces of same color? Also, I had pledged that I won’t buy anything just to review on this blog but I still thought of getting Revlon Primrose in India but could not find it here. 

Overall - To be frank I am not much moved by the difference here maybe because I am used to the missing ingredient list thing and I can work with lipsticks that just came out of mold because all the colors I have so far have served me right. In fact I was not much impressed by Primrose because the color does not suit my skintone. You can check the swatches of the lipsticks here - 6 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Swatch. I will still buy more and more lipsticks from Revlon but I really hope that Revlon launch the new colors and products in India soon.


I never realized how many people are bothered about the difference in quality for same products from different countries of origin. I compared Maybelline Baby Lips sold in Indian (and other Asian counties) and the ones sold worldwide. 

A very nice comment that Dollie has written in that post (which actually inspired me to post this) - 

Have you ever felt this way? Have you found any difference for any other brand as well?


  1. Hey, I'm so touched that you based a post on my comment :)
    I really wonder why do all these companies have such discrepancies in quality control criteria? Different standards for USA/Europe and different ones for Asia.

  2. Its a pity how these brands take Indians and their quality benchmarks for granted.

  3. I have recently found that revlon products are different in india as compared to US. almost all my revlon lipsticks are from US so i did not know..its only when i came to India and i started purchasing in India that i came to know this difference not only in the quality but also in the shade colour. I saw that the name of the lipstick shade is same but the colour is way different than the colour (with the same shade name) in the US..since i buy lipsticks mostly based on online reviews and swatches, this turned out to be a horrible experience for me. Also the quality is not that good as compared to the US counterparts plus the price is too high..i even got discounts and buy 1 get 1 free over there..this means a very high level of corruption and discrepancy. i hope Revlon takes this into account .

  4. It is not just with Revlon... as Dollie has commented, almost all the brands have this issue. This proves why people go nuts over the label of overseas goodies!


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