Readers Query : How to Flawlessly Apply Foundation?

Feb 23, 2013

Oendrila says

"hi this is oendrila roy a student . A resident of kolkata..... But a lover of fashion style & ofcourse makeup.I really love da way u shop. But da most saddest part is i dnt know how to apply da base only.Whenever i applied foundation it looked odd on me...I cant blend it also.. I m not too fair but not dark also, normal indian skin...lyk if u can help me i wl send you a pic of mine.. i only use lotus matte sunscream gel as my daily routine. nd nothing else. plz do help me? Lyk i m getting tannd now a days. my skin reacts very much in sun"

Hey Oendrila,

Thanks a lot for liking the blog. And THANKS for asking the question. I was thinking about doing a post on this because I have been asked by a lot of girls (and even once by a boy!).

About Foundation - If your google this then, you will find more posts than sand in a beach. But, here is all that I follow for perfect foundation/base - 

First thing that you need is to realize your skin type. If its oily then try to get a gel or mousse type skincare/makeup products. If its dry then stick to liquid ones. The quality and texture play a huge role in the entire look. Also think of the coverage you are aiming - sheer, medium or  full coverage. 

The second thing to keep in mind that you can never blend or look great if the shade is wrong. There are people who even after years of trying and testing have not found the IT color and some find it in the first time. The perfect shade is your own skin color - not a shade dark, not a shade light. 

When the SA pushes you to buy something then please don't listen to her! Yes, don't listen! Ask her for the shades that she might suggest. Ask her to apply on your jawline. Get out of the store and check how it looks on you in natural night. Store lights are the biggest culprits. 

Take a friend along if you are not good at making decisions. (I always take Mom when I go to buy shoes or else I buy everything I laid my eyes one LOL.) If you are still not sure then its better to wait. Most foundations changes a bit of color or sink in. Take your time. There are many brands and at least one shade from one range from one brand will definitely be your ONE.

You can use a rotten face wash to wash hands or a rotten shampoo to wash your cloths (I have used Herbal Essence shampoo to wash duppattas because it gave it icthy scalp). But, a foundation with wrong shade has no use. You can mix some to create the color you want but that is a stage when you own many foundations that do not work for you, etc, etc...I simply don't want anyone to walk on that lane! 

The third important thing is how you apply. Even I was very afraid of using foundation. Luckily, I have good skin to skip it most of the time *touch-wood*. I was clumsy with sponges and pathetic with the flat brushes that most makeup artist use. 

Then, I discovered duo-fibre or stripping brush. I have Sigma F55. Its not very costly compared to the other available in India but then it has a stupid shipping charges attached. Other in India - Kryolan has it for 1000 INR, Colorbar for 1000 INR, Inglot has it for 1999 INR and MAC has it for 2499 far as I can remember. But, then its a one time investment because you will never need to buy another again. If  the texture of the foundation is not very great, a duo fibre brush make it look great. 

If all this looks too much to spend at the moment for you then, fingers can also do the job. Even after owning many brushes, fingers are the ones I have maximum confidence in. Just spread the foundation with dots and lightly blend. Use your ring finger to keep the pressure less.  

Additional Tip

1. Never apply too much. A rupee coin size is what you need in general.

2. Never wear foundation like its a face mask. There is not need to cover the entire face. Concentrate on the inner region (nose and cheeks) and blend toward the edges. But don't forget to blend in the neck and ear.

3. Always start with a clean face. Also, use a mild moisturizer. Its even better if you can exfoliate  cleanse and tone but I am not sure if will have that much time as a student. For people who have sensitive skin the moisturizer acts a barrier. One of my cousin who is sensitive to anything on the planet always use Aloe vera gel for her oily skin before using any makeup.
4. Once you get comfortable with all this, then move to use of primer and concealer  I do not use primer but I do own a concealer for emergency use.

(Nothing else is coming to my head now...I might add something here if something pops up in my head)

You can also check some video on how to apply foundation.

About Skincare - I will do in another post. This post have grown too big now! :) It will be how to keep your skin great and glowing for a student - cheap and less time taking.

Keep Smiling.


  1. Hey a superb post :) o especially liked the part that youWah clothes with a rotten shampoo but a rotten foundation had no use! Rofl! Hilarious but sooooo true :)

    1. He he...thanks for liking the post Samu. So, far I have found use of every rotten thing - lipstick as blush, blush as eyeshadow, etc etc but a bad foundation to use that??? LOL

  2. lovely post, normally i always skip foundation mainly because im super lazy and secondly i never get it right ...but will try your tips now :)

  3. lol i agree with the bad foundation point! :D Awesome post! :)


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