Rave - Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick - Shine Free Clear Stick Review with 02 Radiance Swatch

Feb 28, 2013

As a beauty blogger with full time job, there are loads of things I end up doing on weekend - 

A. Search for products 
B. Click loads of photos of the same.

Now, the fact that shops are closed on Sunday in Kolkata does not help at all. But luckily, this Saturday I discovered something that I have not even heard about anywhere. I came back and Google still could not find anything. Did I got a fake product? I was worried. Luckily, I found them in a online store.

So, meet -  Maybelline New York Clear Glow BB Stick 

In case you are thinking that you have similar thing then you must have seen the Clear SMOOTH one and not this Clear GLOW which is specific to India.

I am in love with this.

Claims and Details


Shades - There are two shade Radiance (the lighter one) and Fawn (the darker one with rich warm tone). 

For whom is the Radiance one? When a company introduces ONLY two shades, you are never too sure if it will actually suit you but this is my perfect match.

If you are MAC NC 25 / Bourjois 53, then Radiance is the shade for you.

Swatch of 02 Radiance

Price - 250 INR for 10g. 

Packaging - Its a normal twist up lipstick type stick. The cap seemed a bit weak. A part of bullet sticks out even when its completely twisted inside. For precaution, I kept it inside my office makeup pouch always.

My Views

While the BB creams have never earned much respect but, I must not lose hope. So, when I asked the SA like I do ever weekend - "Anything NEW?" and she showed me this tiny thing, I had to go for it. As this is not a cream, I used it over a moisturising cream after cleansing my face with Lush Let The Good Time Roll.

The very first thing I dread was - this is gonna tug. To my surprise, it was smooth and creamy. I made huge dots with it on my face and blended. Because of the smooth texture, even blending with fingers was dreamy.

The most amazing effect I got from this is that it actually reduces the size of pores. You don't expect such magical things from a product worth 250 INR for 10 gm but it actually did it.  It gave me a smoother skin and even tone.

I have sensitive skin which turns red and oily whenever it encounters something irritating. This acted as my skin's best friend! No irritation, no redness, no break-outs. I was prepared for few break out but even after 5 days of use, I am seeing no pimples,etc *wood-touch*. It might have been because of lower number of silicons.

Compared with Maybelline BB Clear Glow Cream - I had loads of expectations from Maybelline Clear Glow BB cream but it all was flushed down. While the cream gave me dry patches, was not enough moisturising or smooth, and I could never get a smooth radiant look using the cream; the stick formula is far far better. To me, they don't even seem like the products from the same line.

Overall - Loved it!

If you are MAC NC 25 then consider yourself the luckiest on the planet and get the Radiance one. I am not sure the other other one - Fawn - will suit whom. If Fawn suited you, then please let me know you skin color. 

A creamy stick, that glides like butter, which does not irritate MY sensitive skin, reduces redness (which means it actually corrected and even out the tone), does not look caked up, reduces the look pore and is sold for just 250 INR - you still want more?  

Will seriously recommend this. After facing 3 not very impressive BB creams, this BB stick was a boon directly from Makeup God. 


  1. this one sounds good and gawd adorable :).... fr sure will tryy....

  2. hi there is this can be used on oily skin ??

    1. i used over a full moisturized skin and it mattified so, i guess yes but then i am not sure 100%

    2. It mattifies...???, the sticks itself toh lokking very dewy-dewy...., as if it came out of her shell, after doing lot of makeup by highlighters.

  3. God, this review post of yours is tempting me to buy this ASAP but I don't need another 'BB Cream'. I hate stick foundations since they always cake on me but this looks and sounds like a dream. And the price is just perfect. Not too expensive and not cheap either.

  4. This sounds great! Am gonna rush and pick this up now. Thanks for the review :)

  5. i love you so much! just bought this today n was kindof apprehensive abt it, i also though it would tug but it felt so good when the sa swatched it on my hand, so creamy:)
    waiting to try it tmrw morning :)
    great review n great pics:)

    1. n i was so badly waiting for ur review since u posted coming soon pic :P

    2. awwwwww..Poorva u melt my heart..thanks

      do share how it worked for you

  6. The consistency looks really lovely!!! Too bad they dont have them in darker shades :(

  7. wow it's so good. Matches you very well. :D

  8. vow this seems worth a try,,, its better than the bb cream... does this give full coverage or is it like the bb cream in a stick format??? good swatches and review

  9. i never tried any bb cream yet .. bt this one seems worth a try

  10. I got myself this today and absolutely loving it!!

  11. i'm sorry if this sounds like an question which has an obvious answer, but is this available in Hyderabad?

  12. I'm definitely buying this product. I sincerely hope its nice. I checked maybelline website - www.maybelline.co.in, but it wasn't much help then I read your review and now I'm dying to get my hands on the BB stick :)

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