Another Lipstick Added to my MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

Feb 21, 2013

Last week,  I got another lipstick added to my collection. It was a gift from Mr.Boy. Hugs and Kisses to him but he is not allowed to read this blog. LOL.

I played with them yesterday so, bear with me when I just show you some clicks. The packaging is nice; something more than the average MAC ones. The cute kiss pouts inside and the print on the cases are not something you can just miss.

With three, I can have the full picture here with the lipstick cases. 

I could not do lip swatches because I was trying on another red lipstick and Boy! It lasted so damn long. Review of that coming up any minute. Till then, you can see the previous post on Picks from MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection.

In case you have missed the collection then don't worry because MAC is going to relaunch Marilyn Monroe again this year. Maybe the collection with have same colors or maybe different.

This collection has made me feel that I should only buy LE from MAC which has special packaging. Well, I know I won’t stick to it but I can give it a try. 

Have you heard about the new collection MAC is bringing with Rihanna? Read about that here - MAC Brings 4 Collections in 2013 with Rihanna


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