The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter and Heart Exfoliating Soap Review

Jan 6, 2013

Its not too cold in here but I was in Delhi last 2 winters and I used to sleep with a hair dryer beside my bed. I never liked to use the blower all the time as it make the air very dry so, a hair dryer comes in handy to warm up under the blanket. (Works perfectly for a cold blooded like me!). Another thing which accompanied me was my favorite Body Shop Shea Body Butter - ahhh the smell but this year, it got replaced with none other than *drum-rolls please*
The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter

And I still sleep with a hair dryer. That can only be replaced by a warm person sharing my blanket..oh no...Thank you but no thank you!!!

The Body Shop has a candied ginger version until last year as long as I could remember but this year, that had the changed into Ginger Sparkle! And the gingerbread man did everything to attract me I tell you. The moment I saw them first with UK beauty bloggers, I had to have them. So, when I realized they were launched, I went to my local TBS but they had everything expect the Ginger Sparkle body butter...everything else from all the other LEs was there expect Ginger Sparkle body butter! The SA told we have not received a single piece of that here! And she was confident they are not receiving any more stock. She also confirmed that no other store in the city will also stock it. I was heart broken and then like a fairy god mother, Bharti offered me her help. She told me she will get that for me but luckily I got it from another store. I could not buy just one thing from TBS so, came along the heart shaped Ginger sparkle exfoliating heart soap. 

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter

awww...look at it smiling <3

Not a fan of ginger and but, the only reason I needed this was because it has a gingerbread man on it. Don't get me wrong but look once at its face - how can you not like him? But now its more than that for me. Its a comforting body butter with a warm relaxing smell with lightly sweet gingerly feel so, yes, guys can try it too. It does not smell exactly like gingerbread but not harsh as ginger but a bit sweet. 

Its for all skin types so, my dry skin absorbs in seconds and then, do feel a bit thirsty in less than 12 hours. I wish it has a thicker version.

Unlike its name, it does not have any sparkle in it. Body Shop also have a shimmering lotion in this range but I never realized the reason for using a shimmering lotion for winter when you just need to moisture and the shimmer will be down under heaps of cloths.

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Heart Soap 

I had get one more thing from the shop but then I already have too many shower gel, shimmering lotion sounds stupid and exfoliating wash was not much tempting. Then I spotted these cute heart shaped soaps which were bit bigger than the chocomania range. I always wanted to try the chocomania heart soaps but the smell was not for me and so without even a moment of thinking, I picked this up and went to the billing counter and I do not regret that.

I am loving this soap and using it everyday. I does not lather too much. The smell is effective only the time you use it and detectable only for 1 hour max. It also has exfoliating granules which are hard as someone has put sand in it. They are very less in number so, its okay for me.  I kept the plastic sheet on it to show you the other details but you can still spot those granules which become more prominent when you use it.

Price - Yep, they cost more than the usual Body Butter.

In case you remember, I had a re-tagging issue with products up for sale. That issue is removed now because I noticed they have the manufacture and expiry date written directly on the tub now. Do remember to check that from now on.

I am gonna keep this tub with me forever. I wish Body Shop had the give back program for the empties like LUSH, MAC or  The Nature Co, because they care so much for the environment. What do you do with our empty body butter tubs? I am using the previous Body Butter tub to store this heart soap - Recycling at its best.

Final Overview

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter - Sniff it, if you like the smell then grab it. You won't regret it for sure.
The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Heart Soap - Get it if you want to try a heart shaped soap. If you are getting the shower gel or the exfoliating wash then you can confidently skip this one.

They are already in the buy three get 20% category now. If you do not bother much about warm and spring smells then hold your horses now because they will be on the 50% off list in Feb because all the LEs are cleared from the store at that time. I will be getting the hand creams, etc that time. 

Have you tried this one yet? Tempted?


  1. I am so glad that these are in your hands now ^_^. The smell of this body butter is so relaxing like a mini moment of spa feeling.

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