Sneek Peek to Photo Shoot and Thanks to Revlon Photoready Whipped Cream

Jan 27, 2013

This is a sneek peek and there are loads coming up soon. This is a thank you for being so great to Revlon Photoready Whipped Cream Foundation. I was in great hurry so the makeup was done only when I reached the location. Not much blending or time involved in it as we were worried that the Sun might say Tah-Tah at any moment. We even shot after the Sun got down and the pictures came still came great. 

Thanks to Revlon for being my second skin.

And, thanks to Animesh from for the clicks. The superb ones are yet to come actually so, let make this post about me raving about Revlon.

Ohh my second skin....ohhh my precious 

Wondering about the lipstick? Its MAC Prowear Lipstick Booyah!! which was a LE so, I do not want to talk much about things that you cannot buy now... doing that will be just cruel darling.....just acid throwing a** sp*nking cruel....NO?


  1. I finally get to put a face to the blog. You look cute! What's the photoshoot for.

    1. thanks dear. The photoshoot was just a fun one done with a friend of mine. Nothing big.

  2. such cute pictures:)
    loved ur bracelet:)

  3. Love the cat flick babe..and I got Booyah too:P

  4. Hey .. got to see you at last. You are super cute :)

  5. Lovely pictures! Booyah is such an awesome color!

  6. You are so cute!! BTW which camera do you use?

  7. you are so pretty! :D and I have been hearing a lot of good things about the Revlon's whipped cream foundation.

  8. You are very cute.... loved the pictures :)

  9. You are so pretty..:) loved the bracelet:)


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