Sephora India Haul (with Experience Around the Store and Brands)

Jan 14, 2013

I reached Delhi on Friday morning and the first place I decided to go after I dropped my bag was Select Citywalk Saket. Reason? Sephora! I even took boy with me who endured 4 hours in just one shop with me running from one counter to another. The SAs were really helpful and luckily there were very few girls when I went there.

My main aim was to get Soap and Glory and Burts Bees products. I also wanted to try things from The Face Shop and Sephora but after going though all the ingredients, I decided to stick to Burts Bees for major products.

The first counter that you see on the left side are the Sephora bath products and the shower gels with round bottles were for Rs 600. Just opposite to them was Forest Essentials and I had no interest for them simply because they never mention the full ingredient list.

Then on the next counter I saw Soap and Glory. I picked up the Soaper Heroes gift pack but them found that the travel size were available separately so put that pack and I picked the Soap and Glory Hand Food because I had very little or no interest for the shower gel and that mist. I also wanted a body butter in bigger size but nothing was in stock.

Right after that I saw Burts Bee and then the Face Shop. After analysing the complete list of ingredients, I picked Burts Bees Orange Facial Cleanser. It is one of their most popular/loved/famous.

Then I came to The Face Shop counter because the Burts Bees creams/serums were too costly. I asked the SA for the ingredients list and she said - "All natural. Korean products so, ingredients list only in Korean." Then I discovered the peel-off thing for ingredients and she was surprised as she was not aware...hehe. But, I found that the face Shop products were majorly silicon. But before I moved on, I wanted at least ONE thing and the pet creams was it. I wanted just ONE but got confused over smell vs cuteness. So, asked Boy to step in. After 10 minutes of analysis, he choose The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Mini Pet Fruits because the baby one was like johnson baby powder and the face looked sad, floral one was boring and sweet wasn't anything different. LOL.

I went to Sephora cosmetics section but anything that seemed good had a very high price tag. Also, I was not very comfortable with the quality so, I skipped it completely and stated to move to other counter. I also skipped Clarins, Crabtree and Eyelyn, Dior and Shiseido. Then Boy said - You missed this one in the middle. And I saw - Ohh Benefit! But then the price tag was way too high. He realized  my situation and said that if he can gift me something but I do not like skincare/makeup as gifts because they expire and I have to throw them. There are cases of gifting because of which I preserved a lipgloss for more that 7 years but I do not want that to happen again.

One of the demerits of going to a much awaited store late is thought there were very few girls screaming or running around but then many products were missing. Like, the NYX counter is almost deserted. Also, no good big size body butter in Soap and Glory section.

Finally, I moved back to Burts Bee because I decided to buy better things at very higher rate than to buy average products at high rates.  So, after lot of analysis I got Burts Bees Daisy White Serum (the only serum they had) and Burts Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion. 

I was still in need of a night cream and under eye cream but dragged myself to the counter.

Boy - Are you satisfied with what you got?
Me - Yes and No. Yes because of the natural things and No because there are no fun products.

I glaced at the counters one last time looking for FUN product and I saw the Sephora pink sipper kind of thing. With no idea of what it was, I got Sephora Instant Moisture Mask. I also purchased the Sephora Age Defy Eye Cream because No Paraben, No Sulfate written on it turned me on. I does has silicon but then I was in no more mood to be in Sephora anymore. Not proud of getting these two...not proud at all.

Total Products

Serum - Burts Bees Daisy White Serum (Rs 2200 for 30ml)

Mask - Sephora Instant Moisture Mask ( Rs 680 for 4*10g)

Total Price

Rs 8270

My highest so far for skincare products - beating The Body Shop bill of Rs 6500-7000 in Dec'10.
I got a mini heart attack. I do not know why I would never buy a dress or shoe for 1800 but instantly buy a eye cream for the same amount. (Mental Note- Change this habit.) 

PS: I peaked once inside mango but it looked liked a fish market with girls shouting and cloths everywhere with SAs no idea of what was where. So, I decided not to get anything else or even go anywhere else.


  1. I can feel the shock :/ I went there yesterday and was surprised to see that number of products from NYX, Benefit were out of stock and weren't restocked !! Also I agree with you on the quality and price Sephora's own cosmetic line had.. 1600 bucks for an eyeshadow palette was too high..900 for a lippie !! that's why I walked into Inglot, bought 5 eyeshadows and one empty palette and walked out with a satisfied heart :D

    1. I had biggest hopes from NYX but the out of stock was a bummer. Sephora products were seriously overpriced. You really did an intelligent thing by buying inglot palette. Even I was eyeing for a nice n*de palette that I could shove in my bag and now thinking of Inglot as an option

  2. I am still in no hurry to visit the sephora shop here cause of the huge price tag. Exactly as you mentioned I won't get a satisfied feeling if I went there to shop any time soon. Great haul and damn looking forward for you to review these! ^_^

  3. Hey! nice haul..
    I realised while reading that you very finicky about the Ingredients. Could you help me out with what should one exactly look for in the ingredients list as most of it sounds too technical to me.

    Also, since you mentioned about Forest Essentials just wanted to inform you that its an Indian company and they market their products as Luxurious Ayurveda and all their products are organice made out of 100% natural ingredients. i know this becuase Ive been using their products since a long time and have become a fan. There are visible changes on my skin and hair both.

    1. About ingredients, there are products which does harm and there are products which does not do any benefit. Like silicon, they just add a coat on your skin giving the feeling that your skin is great but they does no direct benefit.. So, the day you stop using them, you start seeing the issues in your skin. I am not saying chemical products are bad but they are not doing any good either then why waste money on them? It like using a great paint for your walls while the cement is of low grade. Just google the name of silicon and other ingredients that company put just to compensate with the profits.

      I am glad that you found the products you loved. It takes great luck to find ones HG products.

      But FE products are not 100% natural. Also, they never mention that. Check the ingredient list and you will realize that. Same is the case with other indian brands. Only the SA will say 100% natural and organic but the box will never say that directly. This is because the laws are not very strict here. Now lets see Burts Bee products, it is mentioned as 100% natural or 99% natural.

    2. Thanks for the tip on the ingredients..About the FE products agree with you. I checked the packaging again and it doesn't say anything about natural. Just mentions "Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation"

    3. I am glad that it helped you dear. Do mail me in case you need to know more :)

  4. nice haul...but I hate the fact that they were everything double priced.. :(

  5. lovely haul..i still havent been to Sephora..even though i live in delhi..coz i know i wud go crazy

  6. Great Haul! Still no Sephora in Mumbai, but it must be making its way here now that it is in India. And I also have the habit of spending way on products then on clothes. :)


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