Revlon, Maybelline and Physicans Formula Haul from US

Jan 6, 2013

For now, let look at them.

I will talk about the who, what and why when I review them. But I am sure you want to know so, here is the answer - I got them from an eBay seller NIKKIDVC and the shop is Nikkis This and That. Its surely is my favorite shop on eBay. I received my package in 10 days even in this holiday season.


  1. OH MY GOD! Thank you so much for sharing that ebay seller's name. Going to save that person now lol. And great haul!! :D

  2. You such posts makes me drool. :D
    and Thank you so much!
    I love your such posts.I am so getting the Maybelline baby lips solely for the packGing :D
    Thankz for sharing :)

    1. Baby lips from US is far far better than the one in India. I will do a review soon

  3. Waiting for details on Physician's Formula stuff!

  4. When will the Photoready blushes launch here!

  5. I really like Physician formula. They are cheap and organic..

  6. hi!I had seen you at the metro station today.wanted to come and meet you but by that time you already sat in the auto.....welcome back to Delhi....hope you enjoy your stay.


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