[Readers Question] Recommendation for Hair Curlers in India

Jan 21, 2013

Monalisa Asks

"hey I have been following ur blog...i wanted ur suggestion on buying a hair curler for my hair..i dont need a straightener.... can you please suggest ??

u have any idea about Remington ? can you be more precise on the model number n price please if possible?"

Shayoni Says

"Hi Mona, Thanks for following.

I do not own a hair curler, but I would suggest that you go for Panasonic or Philips. Both are within budget and have good electric products. You don't want to get shocks, right?? LOL

Try getting one have has ceramic and Tourmaline coating.Also, prefer ones which have more heat range.

I personally only have a hair straightener and that is from Remington. My friend got it for 1700 from CP, Delhi but I got the same for just 700 in Wardhan Market, Kolkata so, I am not sure how they are priced."

Could you please help Monalisha in her quest of finding the best hair curler? Could you please comment on how you chose your hair curler in case use them?

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  1. I feel when it comes to curlers and straightners Remington is the best and very affordable too

  2. I have Philips one with different size rods.. Quite happy with it..



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